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At 7:04pm on January 12, 2012, Simon Paynton said…

Hi Trish,

Happy New Year.  Would you like to take a look at this?  I've made a good stab at the Objective Morality theory.


At 3:24am on October 21, 2011, Dennis Weaver said…

Certainly, and the same to you. :-)

At 2:37am on October 19, 2011, Suzanne Olson-Hyde said…

Remember, no hurry for the tiles in your own time - just the straight gorilla and coffee comment. Do you actually 'do' the tiles - what is the process of getting design onto tile?

Whatever your  belief in the supernatural is true for you - it doesn't make any difference one way or the other - but I know, I could not be 'friends' with a christian - the christians I have known have been sooo hypocritical, I just would not know when they were lying or when they were telling the truth.


About xians generally, I don't care what people believe or not believe, makes absolutely no difference to me - it's when xians are violent, evil, kick kids out because they are gay - rip people off who just can't afford it - making pastors millionairs etc, and intrude on  peoples daily lives through politics.

I am sure that is why this site is growing rapidly. Atheists don't have a church or a meeting hall etc. so we come to atheist sites - and what a boon. Smart, super clever, and sarcastic. And the numbers are growing daily. There are republicans on this site.

One question was can an atheist be right wing - and out came the republicans - very interesting - but I think most are Democrat or our Labor.

America has issues, but it is the muslim countries that reaalllly have issues - it's just that America is one of the leaders of the world - western countries follow America, that is the problem.

Certainly, atheists have different views and different interests. That is why there are so many different groups.

But we are ONE thing - Atheists - that is the core.

I love, and it gives me hope, about the protests going on in  Wall St.

When I was young, about 120 years ago, I did my share of protesting - and protesting did get Australia out of the Vietnam war - so it can work. America is still very strong - some hiccups, even big burps, but everything will be okay in the end.


Cheers - Suzanne

At 4:14am on October 18, 2011, Suzanne Olson-Hyde said…

Anyone who capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job - Douglas Adams

So, how do you think Mitt Romny will fare. I don't think Obama is an athiest or even agnositic, but he is behaving and leading like a 'true' xian should behave and lead. He knows education is the key.

Our Atheist Prime Minister is buckling under the pressure of the opposition. There is a protest in Sydney, albeit very small, about corporate greed. But it is growing all around the world - The tumbrils are coming - but I wonder if anything will really change. But I do think Atheism is on the rise. This site grows every day. I started to wonder if there was something in the water. This site keeps me from getting despondent about religion - but in Australia religion is not as rampant as in America - I just can't image what it would be like in a fundamental community.

About your belief in ghosts and spirits etc. I think that is okay, that in itself does no harm, it's all the charlatans that use people, and make a fortune off them. I have been attacked on this site over a couple of things, and I, at my age of 120, are getting more sensitive as I get older, so it can be difficult when some idiot just doesn't agree with one. :)


I don't really understand how zazzle works, and really, really understand that I am a computer clutz.  I wouldn't know how to put a video on TA!!!! etc. Are the tiles on your site, or someone else's?

These are going to be Pagan Holiday gifts - also known as Xmas. lol:) so there is no great hurry.

I would like three gorilla tiles please. Maybe you could do some Atheist mugs etc. I am planning on doing some Atheists Certificates of Excommunication of the church etc. Just a thought at this stage. A bloke in England has De-Baptism Certificates, and it is all just for fun. They have de-baptism ceremonies in America, where they blow dry one's head - Ta Dah - De-Baptised.


Have a great night - your family looks fabulous.






At 4:22am on October 17, 2011, Suzanne Olson-Hyde said…

Hi Trish, There are some people thatreallly don't understand just how honest a person can be. Australia has compulsory voting, you get fined if you don't vote. If one doesn't want to vote, they have what is called a donkey vote,, they may just put on their ballot "DAHHHH!!!!". No fine.

Your republicans - our Liberals, the average Austalian would never have thought to get paid for thier vote, but there is always corruption somewhere, and that is in the Lib/Labor camps who choose the candidate for an area. I am absolutley staggered at the mondey involved to get voted in. Obama has $700 million at his disposal for the next election. That sort of money could never happen here. Compulsory voting is the key. To vote liberal here, I  would expect 50 million. I vote for Independents - they operate on very little money, it would be lunch money to the Americans, and they now hold balance of power here. Fantastic. One is gay, and he is so smart, and left wing. The Libs just hate him :) So, Atheist Female Prime Minister, and Gay politician. I luv Australia, but I don't think it is going to last long....


Luv your site - would it be possible to put the gorilla onto a ceramic tile at all. I tried to ask this question on your site and it didn't work. Hope you don't mind me asking here.



At 8:02am on October 15, 2011, Suzanne Olson-Hyde said…

What the!!!!! You are an artist!!!!!!! I have been looking at your site, and it is brilliant. Bloody clever you.....I can't draw a straight line, and I hate you..... Your Web page is terrific. I just had a quick look around, and I am going to get a couple of post cards. The gorilla and the coffee, very funny, and the walk away one. I will do that tomorrow. There is a group for artists, and photographers, and generally talented people. AAgghhhhh - I can't join,' cause I would just drool all over them.


I will have a really good look around tomorrow - and looking forward to it.


Cheers - Suzanne


At 7:41am on October 15, 2011, Suzanne Olson-Hyde said…

I'm an Australian - we have a female, Atheist, living with her boyfriend Prime Minister. Atheism is just not a problem here. We certainly have loony tunes. We have right wing extremists here, religious fundamentalist are in politics, but WE not only have Jesus, BUT Mary Magdalene too. They live on a huge property in Queensland, generously donated by his loving followers. He looks like David Koresh.


We had the Pope come over for World Youth Day to Sydney.

There were young-uns wandering around giving out condoms - it was really funny. They interviewed on TV pedophile victims of the catholic church, nothing is sacred here. 

I don't think the average American realises just how the world keeps tabs on America. I read the Washing Post most days, and the Wall St sit ins are big news here. There is an upcoming protest in Sydney, but I don't think it will be as big as yours. lol.

Do you think the average American realises how the Wall St. Crash affected the rest of the world?

It actually didn't effect Australia that much, but the Anglican Church lost $60 million, poor blossoms. Catholics just didn't say how much they had lost, but I bet it was a packet. There are people on this site who don't agree with the sit in, so there you go. 

You will learn a lot on this site, some of the videos can be harrowing, some I just can't watch. The last comment I made to that bloke, I actually think he was trolling.

You ask are you the exception in believing in ghosts - I don't in any way shape or form. I have a Buddhist brother, whom I love dearly, and he kept on talking about hungry ghosts - so each to their own, your ghosts don't do any harm.


The christian force in America is becoming more vitriolic, I think they are starting to feel threatened by the likes of us. The more xians threaten us, the more atheists come out of the closet. I can't believe how many people join this group every day. It is really comforting.


I actually think it was a shame Obama got in. He is just too good. It's such a shame that a Democrat has to come in and clean up the rubbish the GOP left. A totally uphill battle. But there are republicans on this site.

I'm not on facebook, I am not that terrific on computers generally.

But it is a fabulous site for - mostly- like minded people. 


Hope to see a lot more of your comments, and give them heaps.:)


Cheers - Suzanne






At 7:31am on October 15, 2011, Jason Ward said…

Pleased to make you acquaintance

At 9:55am on October 10, 2011, Samantha L said…

Thanks Trish for the compliment :)  I am glad to have found you and TA!  Have a great day...hope you are feeling better!!

At 4:56am on October 7, 2011, Samantha Sturdivant said…

I have a facebook also but almost all of my friends know that I am an Atheist, even my family is on there. @ least 95% of my frnds are religious Ive only had two people delete me because of my beliefs, which meant they werent frnds anyway. I know a lot of them dont like what I post but I dont see it any diff as a person or persons posting and giving glory to gods 15000xs a day :/ lol and hey its my page, as long as Im not posting it on their page or trying to shove the fact that I dont believe any gods exsist than, they will get over it, and do..I even have a few frnds inbox me and ask questions. they are curious

At 4:01am on October 7, 2011, Samantha Sturdivant said…

ha! Love your page :) thanx for the friendship and yes I think we are alike..Hope you are enjoying yourself thus far...Im just getting started :)

At 4:23pm on October 6, 2011, Bo Fowler said…

Thanks Trish - I hope you like it. 

At 3:23pm on September 28, 2011, Robert Karp said…

Welcome to Think Atheist community Trish!

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