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At 7:15am on January 3, 2011, Bruce Sheiman said…



Your comment about my book: I would not expect anything more from a narrow-mined atheist.  And, by the way, you'd get more female action (and be less angry) if you did not lookso much like Fidel.  But, then, atheists are such free thinkers that they do not care to fit into society.  Your atheism (like your beard) is a way of saying FU to mainstream culture.  If you look hard enough in a mirror, you'd realize that your repudiation of religion is a piece with your counter-culture appearance. 



At 8:51pm on December 24, 2010, Kai said…
No, I don't believe I am the same Kai. I only found this site about 2 weeks ago and only joined today. Hopefully my namesake didn't have a bad rep.
At 3:28pm on December 18, 2010, Mohamed Amin said…

Hi Michael, first of all, thanks for the welcome, I really like it here on TA. I appreciate your interest, but there’s so much to say on the subject of non theists living in predominantly Muslim countries that I wouldn’t want to bother you with it unless you ask for it! I’d be glad to answer any questions you or other members have, but of course all I can offer is my personal experience and knowledge. I have spent considerable time in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia, so you might say that I have a somewhat better view from where I stand. Feel free to ask what you like

At 8:06am on November 16, 2010, Sydni Moser said…

Hi Michael, I've noticed that you haven't been hanging out with us and I do miss you being here. How's it going? You doing OK? I've joined up with the Atheist Meet-up group in my area and have met a very diverse and interesting group of people. The group has many activities so it's nice to be making some new friends in my my new local.... Hope you have not deserted T/A? Come back soon, you are a real asset here and I'd hate to lose your friendship.
At 5:46pm on October 5, 2010, Perthy said…
Ah yes, I posted it, then was told that there was already a thread on the book. I think in the Coffee Break group?
At 1:44am on October 4, 2010, Jon Heim said…
"I don't go around telling people while they're eating a burger that they're evil"

If you did... I'd make you eat my burger. Just saying. lol also, feel free to shove lettuce down my throat if I do the same.
At 11:04pm on October 3, 2010, Atheist Fry said…
I fish for the meat I eat. How is that immoral? To assume everyone gets their meat from the grocery is wrong.
At 8:59pm on October 2, 2010, Ryan E. Hoffman said…
I think the morality debate of vegetarianism vs. omnivorism (not sure if that's a word) is a much different conversation than the ethics of PETA, and one that I would probably decline to debate with you, because I do not have my facts in a row and I come down on the opposite side, but I would attend such a debate!

I was just upset at the obvious provacateur nature of the subject title to gain views.
At 1:25pm on September 30, 2010, Atheist Fry said…
The protein and acid in meat allowed the growth of larger brains. Like the one you use to read this sentence. Why deny this? What is immoral about eating meat, when done in a humane manner? There are plenty of animal populations that need to be kept under control (I'm sure you would consider humans one of these, but that is a sticky moral undertaking)- should we just dump the meat after we kill those animals? That would be wasteful. Proper hunting, when done correctly, is absolutely moral.
At 10:17pm on September 28, 2010, Beautiful Black Atheist... said…
lol people are curious but I usually respond with ' it's personal' if they're age 35+, the 18-20 somethings are much more open-minded...I'm like a rockstar among my son's friends. lol
At 1:02pm on September 24, 2010, Rose Trinh said…
Haha thanks for the kind words! I was just in the process of moving (and being without internet for over two weeks... how did I ever survive?) not to mention starting a new job, working on my illustration portfolio and being generally awesome! :) So glad to be back on here!
At 10:00pm on September 15, 2010, Atheist Fry said…
"Moral vegetarian"

Science craps on that logic.
At 4:01pm on September 13, 2010, kelltrill said…
Agreed, it is sad. But in a country where less than 8% are non-religious there's no other choice really. At least not just yet.
At 9:01am on September 9, 2010, Chelsea Sherman said…
awesome profile picture
At 10:08pm on September 8, 2010, Sydni Moser said…

Welcome to T/A - Hope you make yourself at home and let us all get to know you better...
At 12:35am on August 28, 2010, Reggie said…
Nice topic, BTW. I t has struck a chord with the membership.


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