On Wednesday, VP Biden was seen on TV with some shit sacred Jesus ash on his forehead. The newscaster, Kay Burley (I have no idea who this lady is, but now I know a lot of people in the UK seem to hate her), mistook the mark for a bruise and commented on it as such. As soon as it was pointed out to her that it was Ash Wednesday, she laughed and apologized, saying 'I've said three Hail Marys, everything is going to be fine.'

Haha, case closed right?

Nooooooooo way in hell. It would seem some religious people can't pass up a pearl clutching moment of righteous indignation. I wanted to share a few comments I found while reading about this story online:


What rock did she crawl out from under? She obviously does not practice any type of religion. She sounds like an idiot that did not do her research. I find it amazing she is a presenter. She needs to back to
school and learn a few things.


If this deeply insulting ignorance had involved more sensitive religions this presenter would have been in far more trouble. Dismissing religion
as a bit of a joke ('I've said my Hail Marys'!) is unacceptable.....


Why should Christians have to put up with this constant belittling of our faith? You know if it had been a Muslim there would have been an outcry.


I Don't Biden should even get the ashes. HE IS PRO ABORTION makes Him A Two Face XXXXXXguxxkxlcdccvkclgc


This insensitive and ignorant so called news media person, should be fired on the spot.
Her ignorance and contempt for Mr Bidens religion, is indicative of a person with limited knowledge and ability to be a news media person.

Is this the kind of individual "Sky New" wants on their payroll?


Let's not forget that the "catholic" Mr. Biden believes in killing innocent babies and allowing homosexuals to marry. It's an embarassment to good catholics to have him and other "cafetera catholics" lumped
together in the public's mind. Yes, all men are sinners but those who
publicly disavow strict teachings of their church should not be shown
any sympathy.


It is sad to hear someone who calls herself a Catholic, said such disrespectful comment,
made a joke about someone's accidental death. Anyhow, we are sinners
ourselves; we can not judge her, only God can.


Ahhh yes. I believe the smudging ashes on the face practice is way more common in the US than in the UK, so it makes sense the newscaster wouldn't see a mark on a guy's face and think - I wonder if that's some kind of religious practice?

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Comment by Chris on February 19, 2010 at 2:06pm
Biden was seen later that day with a chicken foot on his forehead symbolizing the Catholic practice of vodou some follow in Hati hoping to drum up support for the earthquake victims. Ill informed reporters commented that he might have gotten in an accident with poultry truck.


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