Zionism- a good idea gone horribly wrong

I'd like to once again point out that in my opinion the Middle East is the craziest most religion infested place on earth.
Today I want to talk about Zionism.

Zionism- the ideal of establishing a Jewish country- was actually thought up by secular Jews living in 19'th century Europe, who more than anything wanted a solution to anti-Semitism.

To understand Zionism, one has to understand the term "Secular Jew"- a secular Jew is by all accounts- an Atheist, who is unable to detach himself from his "Jewish" identity. For few, it's the desire to remember a historical heritage. But for most, it's the fact of being surrounded by Christians who see you as Jewish, be it true or false.

Jews in Europe, atheist and religious alike, suffered from anti-Semitism in a very real way. The holocaust serves as the best example. Nazi death camps were full of Christians whose great grandfather was Jewish. It was enough to get you blacklisted.

Even today, whenever I leave Israel, or happen to chat with a Christian (let alone a muslim) I realize yet again how this racist hatered has not gone away. "well, you killed Jesus" is the line I always hear … let's see you respond to that…

Israel was founded as a completely secular nation, meant to be no more than a refuge home for those born to a Jewish mother. God- had nothing to do with it. The Israeli declaration of independence does not mention god even once- and not by accident.

The early Zionists hated religion. They correctly saw it as the sole reason for Jewish suffering, and wanted to end it. At first, many Zionists even objected to establishing the state of Israel – in Israel. Exactly out of fear that it would encourage a religious awakening. However, Israel was eventually selected out of realization that rallying Jews and gentiles to the idea could only be possible if the land in question was biblical Israel.

But today, Zionism has become a synonym for religious extremism- The calling to occupy and settle the land promised by god, while openly disregarding the rights of its contemporary native inhabitants.

How did this happen?

Well, apparently the early Zionists were right. In 1967, when Israel won a war launched by all neighboring states against it- it found itself in possession over the lands of biblical Israel- the hills of Judea and Samaria (The West Bank). Sure enough it caused a massive religious awakening. Religious leaders cried out that it was a sign from god, and many messianic movements sprouted as if from nowhere.

These openly declared that Israel was to become a religious country, as demanded in the bible.

However, the military occupation of Judea and Samaria caused an ethical problem similar to that of the apartheid regime of South Africa. Jews want the biblical land, but do not want its 2 million native inhabitants- or more specifically, do not want to give them equal rights.

This stems from the realization that giving Palestinians the right to vote will make them the majority of the Jewish state- thus ending the Jewish state.

While the logical conclusion would thus be to NOT OCCUPY lands you can't handle demographically- religion has driven Israel to insanity.

Ever since 1967, Israel's population is literally split in half. Half atheist- half Jewish. The atheist half wants a liberal secular democracy in order to live free of anti-Semitism, while the religious half wishes for a Jewish" caliphate", in which god is law, and gentiles are stripped of all rights.

The absurd is, that the military occupation of Judea and Samaria has been carried out over the years by secular governments, out of realization that this issue could very well tear the country in two.

The military occupation of the west bank is the story of sacrificing the human rights of the Palestinians for the sake of Jewish unity- or more accurately – for the sake of the Jewish religion.

As such, isarel actually exists today as "two countries in one". The first is a liberal democracy with equal rights for all, in which 1.5 million arabs and other non-jews live as equal citizens under the law.

While the second is a military dictatorship existing in the west bank- where 200 thousand religous jews ive as masters of the land, enjoying military protection, while two million palestinians are ignored at best. and labeled as "terrorists" when they revolt at worst.

Well it's fucking sick.

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Comment by Human Evolution on July 10, 2009 at 7:21pm
Ah my old Chomsky video is not showing up. He is the best! (this post is about 7 months old.)


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