I sat through so many RE lessons in school. And by RE I mean Catholicism. We would read Good News Gospels and if the existence of other world religions was mentioned I must have been off sick that day.


Anyway. It always used to puzzle me that the Gospels made a big deal out of how angry people got when the Jesus character would say "your sins are forgiven." I didn't understand what the fuss as about, and it was never addressed in class - possibly because it would involve poking holes in a Catholic doctrine.


The idea that someone can forgive sins without the victim of the sin giving permission is ridiculous. So you steal my money or stab me and someone else forgives you? In what world does that make sense?


I can see why my RE teachers avoided it. Their job wasn't to teach us about religion it was to turn us into Catholics. If they encouraged us to think about the stories they would't just be failing at their job, they'd be sabotaging their job.


People talk about religion as a source of morality. You even see articles suggesting you should marry a believer because they'll be afraid to cheat on you. But the thing is... your hypothetical believer spouse can cheat on you and get their conscience salved by Jesus' forgiveess without ever needing to ask for your forgiveness.


"Your sins are forgiven" is an evil and poisonous doctrine, and I can see why the supporting cast in the story objected to it.

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Comment by Allanon6666 on November 20, 2011 at 1:39pm

I never thought of it like that, but you're totally right.  It's scary the things we missed when we went to church when we were young.


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