Dear Mr. Pope!

You're full of it! Another show of crocodile tears and empty promises that something will be done to give the illusion of
caring! Another call for prayers, as if THAT will get results!
Honestly, I don't expect ANYTHING to be done! You hide behind opulent
walls and wear threads of gold while you send your minions to starving
third world countries to preach the evils of birth control! When are
you going stop acting like putting two hands together is actually doing
something and start ACTUALLY doing something by moving those legs of
yours? What are YOU, personally, going to do about these priests? Are
you going to to de-frock them? Excommunicate them? Hand them over to
the police and say "Here. Arrest them."? If all you're going to do is
spout words and kick them out, well you know what happens in religion
when people are separated? They start another religion! Actually, I
don't see ANYBODY getting kicked out! Even if you tell the Anglican
Church to come back, you think they're going to want to come crawling
back to you?! And what are YOU, personally, going to do about the
victims? Give them money from your wealth? Pay for their therapy for
all the damages caused? For that matter, what are you going to do about
all the suffering your church has caused in the past? All the headaches
caused because somebody had to jump through hoops to get married to
someone? All the heartaches caused because you've told somebody that
getting a divorce was bad? The Knights Templars? The Inquisition? The
witches and heretics burned at the stake? Land destroyed because of the

If you can't figure it out by now, I hold you and your cult in contempt! You'll say one thing and then do another just to save
your lying butt! You'll just cover up the problem and redirect
attention away from the issue by saying the slander and attacks are
"acts of the devil" to get people to stop worshiping and being
faithful! And then you'll continue to foster your product of "Catholic
guilt"! BTW, I'm STILL shaking the cobwebs out my head over THAT piece
of nonsense and I'm STILL angry at society for putting it there in the
first place!

It really is too bad that your organization will likely continue operation for another thousand years or so, unchecked
and still just powerful as ever! I really am sorry that nothing so far
has turned the Vatican into a flat piece of ground by now!

A former deluded Catholic

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Comment by Danair Joa Estrare on April 19, 2010 at 3:55am

easy, easy. Your health, hehehe

negative emotions = not good.

ALL people here at TA cant do big damage on Vatican.


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