Lately ive been in some discussions with friends/co-workers on many things from religion and climate change to vegetarianism. These people are curious about my beliefs specifically on religion because they know im atheist. Ive found it incredibly irritating that shortly into the debate, after I can easily answer their questions on morality, meaning of life, or why I think the bible is a ridiculous book full of horrible acts....they always tend to say "you are over analyzing everything". Its incredible....i mean is this what these people do when they begin to see holes in what theyve always believed in??? they just quit thinking about it??? My mother does this as well. She will make some random comment about how things might be going better in my life if perhaps I had some religion...or something along those lines. So of course she opens the flood gates and I let it rip. She is catholic so its a field day when I bring up what is wrong with the catholic church. She had never heard alot of the stuff i was telling her about and she didnt like she started screaming over my voice "I dont want to talk about it!!!!" and almost putting her fingers in her ears going "la la la la la la". Im sorry but what is wrong with thinking about things critically?? I feel as though people are extremely irritated with me because im not agreeable on these topics. I mean I realize that by being an Atheist vegetarian liberal living in the south that im an oddball but seriously how do you just turn off your brain???

Now its hard for me to argue against someone eating meat. I do believe that at one point we were strictly herbivores(go to the many debates on this site for the evidence)....but I believe that clearly hasnt been the case for a long time. So to say we as a species arent meant to be eating meat is a bit ridiculous. Now I dont believe it to be necessary to eat meat and I think its quite inhumane to do so given our intelligence to survive without it. I dont eat meat because I feel compassion for animals. I respect life as much as possible. Many people who like to debate me on why i should not be vegetarian are not aware of the horrors of factory farming or just the incredible mistreatment of the animals in any farming situation. So when I tell them about these things ......they admit to how horrible this problem is but "I love me some meat!!!!!". How does that work??? My point of this is not really to debate vegetarianism in this blog. Im just trying to figure out how some people who claim they have compassion for animals can still just not think about it and eat meat anyways. ...or how someone who clearly recognizes serious contradictions in the bible can just brush it aside for the sake of "not over analyzing" things. So it really irritates me when people tell my that im argumentative or I over analyze things....... YOUR BRAIN IS YOUR FRIEND PEOPLE ......USE IT!!!!

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