Young girl in Iran gets arrested and manhandled for wearing bad headscarf!

A young girl inside of Iran (this happened recently but I do not have exact date) was arrested for "bad hijab" or headscarf and was forced into the car and kicked by the cop as a sign of disrespect that she is "trash" in their minds. We can only hope that this poor sister was also not raped and we can only imagine worse...the brutal Islamic Republic of Terror thugs routinely rape our sisters and have been known to even rape them before executing them so that they don't die as virgins as "virgins go directly to heaven". How do they do this? By Sigeh, temporary marriages done by force.

The Iranian people are living under the most brutal dictatorship to a regime that wants to acquire nuclear weapons; this regime not only oppresses and murders our own people, but are an end-of-the-world prophetic regime that will not hesitate to use such bombs to bring back their "imagined" hidden imam. This is a dangerous regime for all of humanity. The Iranian people are not like this and are a good people who demand the simple opportunity to live in freedom, democracy, and secularism with a nation that once again embodies human rights and dignity. When the Iranian people rise up once again in which we will very soon in the right situation so that the least amount of people get slaughtered, please support us international community and together we will get rid of this barbaric, primitive, and tyrannical regime!

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Comment by Sassan K. on May 30, 2011 at 3:54pm
Good points buddy. The only difference is that the people of Iran are a secular people and want to live in freedom and democracy and not the quran. Hopefully Iranians will soon gain their liberation; but I'm afraid the west will have to stand side-by-side with the Iranian people during the next round of fake elections in Iran when the people rise up once again..


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