You see atheists everyday but you might not know it.

Watching "Hoarders", I noticed that the women's son had a particular demeanor. Unlike his (unsympathetic) mother, he was very polite, well spoken & and had an understanding of his mother's mental illness. You could also tell that he had accepted, what had become of her. For some odd reason, the thought popped into my head, "I wonder how many times you see an atheist on tv or on the streets and you don't even know it!" A few minutes later, I spotted something on the man's shirt. Could it be?



The Scarlette 'A'!! We are out there! And that also explains the way he carried himself on the show! Bravo, Jason! Is this some sort of sign from the atheist god or something? ;)


I blogged this on tumblr a few days ago but I started to think more about this subject. My mind recognized an atheist before my conscience could process it. I think this is only because I interact (knowingly) with atheists on a day to day basis. However, Christians and other theists in America do not.  This is why I think it is great what the FFRF, Richard Dawkins Foundation, and others are doing with the "Out-Campaign." It's giving the theists a chance to see who we are and see that we're not angry, immoral people. We're 'normal' people. One day, a Christian will see a well spoken, science literate, polite young man on tv and maybe they'll say, "Look honey! There's another one of them atheists on the tv!"  

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Comment by Rene Guzman on May 22, 2011 at 8:30pm

I sure hope that happens. I still remember when I told some of my friends I'm an atheist. My best friends accepted me and didn't really care. However there was this one girl who just kept saying I had no morals and blah blah blah, didn't even let me speak.


Well, morals or no morals, at least I have better manners.

Comment by Tasha Cain on May 22, 2011 at 11:44pm

1. I love Hoarders.

2. I watched that episode.

3. This makes me encridibly happy (not an angry athiest)

Comment by Scarlette Blues on May 23, 2011 at 10:08am
@Rene- I hope it happens too. It would be a nice change to the world. The people who say we are the "immoral" ones need to take a look at their Bible and their fellow Christians. I see just more immoral actions come from the religious than I do the irreligious. :)

@Tasha- Hoarders is one of my favorite shows!! I couldn't believe that episode..They removed like 8,000 lbs of TRASH and a few dead cats. It's really good that the state took him out of that home before it got too bad. sad to think there's more people out there with a hoarding problem just as bad, or even worse! :/


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