You can't read this, it's censored!

So, censorship. I can't even begin,... well wait. Yeah, I can begin. And I'll do it right

Here. The first "recorded" account was when Eve ate god's last apple. I assume it could only possibly be his last apple, due to the swift and severe shit-storm that followed. I mean, he just threw the fuck down and said "Fuck it! Put some clothes on, pack your shit and get the FUCK OUT! You're on your own!". Ok, so the leaves are pretty hot. But the thing is, now all the sudden we have to worry about modesty and comfy pj's that don't crawl up your ass every night.

If you take away a creatures natural environment, they get a little cranky, and it fucks with their brain a lil' bit. Guys need to see titties. We need to seem them fairly frequently. See, breasts are to men, as a bell to a dog. If we see titties all the time, we won't know what it means, and we'll get used to it. Now, if we only get to see titties during sexytime, then every time we see a killer rack, or even our girls killer rack nekkid, we get all excited and can't control ourselves. And then there are the dudes that sadly don't get no 'tang, and for them, they never get to see anything ever. Poor shmucks. So I propose open nudity. I'm not saying while shopping,.. but shit, at the beach, pool, gym. Well not so much the gym. I couldn't handle my dick and balls colliding every stride, so I wouldn't expect a woman to tolerate breast-to-face bashery. Nude when it makes sense to be naked, but otherwise clothed.

But who the fuck doesn't want to see titties? I can't figure it out, but I suspect it had something to do with some pushy wife who said something along the lines of "I see you looking at all these womens funbags Moses, And I swear you're fucking a couple of em. I was looking through you're stone tab 10.1 yesterday. Who the fuck is Mary huh? While you're writing that rule book, you better put something in there about titties. Those whores need to cover the fuck up!".

Then we started censoring really stupid shit. Like speech and art. So what wise ass decided that people aren't allowed to say something, and be heard? That one folks, I can blame on the bible as well. Anyone familiar with blasphemy? Either way, it would suck not being allowed to tell someone to take thine job, and shove it, without fear of imprisonment, or in some cases, execution. I bet you nobody gave Jesus shit for taggin' strange on the regular. That would have been blasphemy. So, they just didn't talk about it.

"So um, why is it again that we can't see god?"
"He's omnipresent, you can see him everywhere!"
"Well honestly sire, that kinda sounds like a load a--"
"Blasphemy! To the gallows!"

A person can't speak out against anything that would be considered blasphemy, treasonous, but in most cases, true. Think of all the people that would have cried out had they been allowed to during the German occupancy. All those Germans who knew, and detested all the horrible shit that went down thanks to this crazy fucker Hitler, but were too afraid of falling victim to the same horrors themselves.One of the best ways to keep the public passive and complacent is to keep them from talking to each other. Now, we can't speak poorly, or against our government without being added to an NSA, FBI and likely some interpole bullshit list. Look at the American that we have stuck in Russia because Obama took his passport.Yes, he's involved with wikileaks. So what? He's not hurting anyone, and from what's been said lately in international news and what I've read on wiki, it all seems like shit the public should know anyway. So, Big bro wants him to STFU, so they take his life away and strand an American, in Russian hands. Way to go America! At least Russia is refusing to send him back. That's good. You want to know a good way to keep people from spilling your secrets my dear leaders? Don't keep shitty secrets. Don't do fucked up shit that you don't want people to know about. That simple. And for fucks sake, drones over American soil? Really? Fucking Really!? I'm more afraid of you than I am of N Korea and that censor happy Un. Another crazy censoring fuck face.

And why the hell censor Art? Well because some dickface who couldn't live with a bruise on his ego realized that if you censor the speech, then messages become art. Songs about revolutions, and redemption songs. So it wasn't long before we had to get rid of the Satan sponsored wiccan/pegan holidays as well. Might as well, what fun is camping naked without music? And I couldn't speak of the joys of censorship without leaving out the political benefits to censoring music. Due to the nature of pop culture, Yankee Doodle would have won any election just because his opponents jingle was catchy, despite the fact that it is indeed, mocking him. I could sit here and list off a number of musicians who have been censored because of the content withing their music or art. I think it will be more fun to talk about the King of hypocritical censorship, WALMART!

Our favorite trolling location, Walmart has been in the spotlight numerous times because of it choices to C, or not to C. Walmart execs have deemed in necessary to refuse sale of something as tasteful as Playboy magazine. Even though sale of the material requires identification to prove adultood, they have decided they're above such filth. However, you WILL find at your local walmart, 50 Shades of Grey. Now, I'm a bookhound, but this one never hit my must read list. The buzz I hear, is that the book/books are filthy as ever. I've heard this shit will make Bealzibub blush. You will also find rap albums with pictures objectifying women, and unbridled use of the word nigger, as well as plots of murder, robbery drug use and rape. That's all ok, because they bleep out the "F word". I don't care about the shit that I hear or see on these albums. My problem lies with the shit I don't hear, simply because they don't want me to hear it. What pissed me off even more, is the people that listen to the music, they know this shit already! That's why they don't buy these albums at Walmart. They buy them elsewhere or better yet, download them. Walmart only sells these albums so that droves of people don't come pounding down their door screaming "Racism!!!".

That's the thing though. We are endowed by our creators (mom and dad) the gift to speak freely, express ourselves freely and to come and go freely. No fucking government or megalomart can't take those rights away from us.

If you don't like what you hear, see, or read, don't listen to, watch or read it. It's that simple. Would you want someone telling you to shut the fuck up, and yell over you whenever you try to say something you want heard? You would like to express your freedom of speech as well I bet. If you are not willing to listen, how can you ever expect to be heard?

They tried to censor some of the greatest people that ever lived. Ghandi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and shit, even the king himself, Mr Presley. Do your country a favor. Fight against censorship, and for fucks sake, let people be heard. It's the least you could do if you ever want to be heard yourself.

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