how does it feel to have been a


after all, you voted for mr. hope &

change, after rallying behind him,

after believing that he would be

different than all the others, after

seeing his wondrous smile, after

getting butterflies in your stomach

when he came near, when you saw

him speak in front of tens of

thousands, when you drove such a

long way to listen to him, after you

went door to door for him, after

you recited his sayings with your

pals, after denouncing every other

corporate whore who ever ran for

anything &

yes, now

you want

to curl up

in a little

ball &

whine yourself

to sleep,

don’t you.


remember when you said to us

who gave up on this disgusting,

exploitative, greedy, cancerous,

debilitating, broken & futile

system years & years ago,

that we were all pessimists,

insane radical thinkers who

only wanted anarchy in the

deepest of our hearts?


remember when you told us that

you could change the system from

within & that the idea is to never

forget what the forefathers said

(who owned slaves, who would not

let anyone who wasn’t rich/white/male

vote, who delighted in murdering

the native population of this

empire, etc., etc.),

that giving up hope & not voting

gave us all

no right to complain?


remember that?


do you want another tissue to wipe

those tears, little one?


those of us who have had foresight

from the beginning,


those of us who know that if

something is broken,

fixing it is no longer an option,




will you





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