Yay! Some atheism in a fanfic - LOL. :D

If you don't know what Fan Fiction is, read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fan_fiction

Anyone a Gilmore Girls fan? More specifically a Jess/Rory fan? If you are like those of us who think Literati (Jess & Rory) were definitely one of the most amazing TV ships ever, you probably would LOVE this fanfic by MissGoalie75 on fanfiction.net. It's called "Footnotes and Annotations" and she has taken a bunch of scenes from the show and added the characters thoughts, or what happened right before, or right after, the scenes, and also throws in a few extra things that we as viewers never saw but could have happened. She is brilliant, she is SO amazingly in character, it is unbelievably. I'm a new fanfic addict lol. Brand new. Never read any fanfic until like last week. And now I'm hooked. Some of these rock. I'm currently mainly addicted to Heroes and Rory/Jess Gilmore Girls ones. Anyway...

Onto the atheism. Well. Most of the people who love Rory/Jess love them because of Jess. I mean Rory Gilmore & Lorelai Gilmore are the "Gilmore Girls", the title characters. You can "ship" (aka support as a couple) Rory with a number of people. But if you think Jess is the one character who is/was best for Rory, then you probably have your reasons. I would say most of us Rory/Jess shippers love Jess's character SO much. And if you read Chapter 16 of this fanfic (The chapter is called "Are You Having a Good Time, Sweetheart?"), MissGoalie75 added a scene that never happened in the show. And she decided to make Jess an atheist! Which was never said on the show but in my opinion is wonderfully true to his character. And he was considering maybe there being some kind of higher power. But he didn't change his mind at any point. Which I loved. It was not a lame "changing your mind back to believing in God" kind of story. He just didn't say anything. You have to read it. It's a short story:


But the part that really matters is:

"Do you believe in God?" Rory asks in a quiet voice.

Jess snorts. "Really, Rory?"

"No, come on. I'm curious. Do you believe in some…higher power?"

He sighs, deep in thought. He thinks he used to believe in God when he was younger. And he thinks he may
have gotten on his knees and prayed to this God to fix his mom. Instead
he got Bad Husband Number Two who taught him the art of holding back

Then he stopped. God can't exist because isn't He supposed to love all His children? And if that's true, why the hell was Jess dealt with such a shitty hand?

But then he remembers the one good card he has: Rory.

So what does that mean?

He begins to feel anxious, because he's gone for so long without believing in anything. He's an atheist! There's nothing out there, there's no one behind the curtain, trying to control everything.

But he keeps coming back to Rory, and it's scaring him. He doesn't want to be here anymore. He doesn't want to look at these damn, twinkling stars. He wants to be alone…maybe with Rory in a dark room so
all he can think about is her and the crazy chemistry they
share…anything but this.

But he can sense their time is coming to an end, even though he doesn't want it to. He doesn't know how they're
going to fall apart, but it'll happen. Warm weather always seems to
drive them apart.

"Nights like these make me think that there has to be sort of higher power out there," Rory admits quietly into the
silence, and Jess knows she's being honest, and it feels so raw.

And then in the next story MissGoalie75 kinda draws sort of a parallel, with another cool scene that never happened on the show:


After a few minutes of silence, Matthew says, "Nights like these make me think that there has to be some sort of higher power out there."

Jess inhales sharply and he's immediately thrown back to that night on top
of the roof with Rory. How did he possibly forget that? Now it's as if
he's caught in between two places at once and Rory is lying opposite
him, but Chris and Matthew are still here.

But yeah, I reviewed it and said, "Oh... interesting parallel of scenes with Chapters 16 and 17. :D I love that you made Jess an atheist and I love that you never made him NOT an
atheist... it would have bothered me a bit lol. Peter Petrelli can
believe in God, fine, but Jess can't. I am an atheist myself by the

She replied to my review by saying:

"Thanks for reviewing a lot of my oneshots ^_^ And I agree; it would be so OOCfor him to suddenly believe in a higher power. Trust me, once you stop believing, there's really nothing that can make you change your mind."

And I just thought, yay! Atheism FTW! LOL. ;) I agree 100%. Once you stop believing, there's really nothing that can make you change your mind. I find that SO refreshingly true. ;)

Anyway I just thought I'd share.

Please leave me a comment if you read this. ;) Thanks.

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Comment by Michel-san on February 23, 2010 at 10:44pm
The first scene is very romantic, I like it! :)

I would agree, once you genuinely get free of indoctrination it's very, very hard to go back.
Comment by luvtheheaven on July 22, 2010 at 5:14am
By the way when she says in reply to my review:

" And I agree; it would be so OOC for him to suddenly believe in a higher power. "

OOC means "Out of character".


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