Will Al Gore return his Oscar and Nobel now that NASA has shown it's all bollocks?

Dear members of TA,


I have found some in this excellent website belong to another type of church: I call it "The Al Gore Church of Irate Gaia".


Well, guess what: I bring good tidings for the Gaia Atheists like me: peer-reviewed study which shows, based on a NASA new satellite data, that the amount of heat let off by the atmosphere into space is greater than the one assumed for all the fatalistic models which Al Gore (et al) shoved down our throats.


In short: there is not enough heat kept by the atmosphere to generate any significant global warming in the foreseeable future... Yippee!


Here is the link (not Fox News, notice): http://news.yahoo.com/nasa-data-blow-gaping-hold-global-warming-ala.... I have to say, I (for one) feel nicer today: one more myth debunked for good. 


I hope you fellow Atheists now join me in condemning the holier-than-thou, good-for-nothing Al Gore and his former-red-now-green religion... will you?


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Comment by Brady on July 29, 2011 at 10:57am

But wait! It's only a theory :P

Comment by Tiago Martins on July 29, 2011 at 11:57am

Weird, with all your "haha, gotcha Al" talk I would assume the article would state that there was no global warming.


 But wait... it never states it. In fact, it states that there global warming IS happening, only not as much as the most extreme predictions were saying... So extremists were wrong, who would've know...


People, face it. We have to reduce our emmissions, especially USA and China. Let's not forget that CO2 emmisions not only increase (not as much as one would expect apparently) the greenhouse effect, but it also create acid rains, and THAT ONE you cannot deny (see the state of various stone monuments across the world if you need a more palpable example).


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