Why wouldn’t I come to your rescue
Why wouldn’t I save from those that hate you
You must be used to the other people
The other people you know
Talking like they have authority
When the wind changes I bet they won’t be seen
Yet you trust them more than me
And my feelings aren’t hurt and I’m not going to say I told you so
When the sky falls below
It won’t be a god or devil
It will be hate and greed working together
Why wouldn’t I betray
Because I know that doing so isn’t the way
In the past I daydreamed of dying for you to live
Without anything given to me
I just asked that you think about what you believe
No sacrifice from you required
Just you doing more than what your feelings require
Why wouldn’t I be your friend
I don’t care about colors and in the end
I’m sure everything will fade out the same
On a deathbed people like to change
I find it strange that being confined changes minds
When all the pain we have inflicted keeps us numb
I’m sure that when I know that I’m dying those that are my enemies will be none
Why waste my last moments on nonsense
Why waste another day on revenge now
I’ll cancel out
Why wouldn’t I smile and be proud
Happy to go
When no one has the answers
No, no one knows
On that day or that night
I’ll find out and it will be all right
Be okay and I will stay
Why wouldn’t I see
What I want to regardless of belief
Why won’t you take in the sights
Of what you desire
Why would that cause fright
Do you imagine yourself locked away in a place that is not quite safe
A place where no mistakes can be erased
Why would treat me harshly if I want your hand
Why would you rip me apart
Is it just to prove that you can
I don’t understand the love that these people speak of
It’s not enough
And why would you lie to someone hanging on every word
And why would you lie to the very people trying to build you up
You’re afraid because you think that I’m the same as you
Destructive and yearning to take what I can new or used
Why would I
Why would I do that friend
Why would I
I don’t want to see it at my end

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Comment by Edmond on January 26, 2011 at 8:40pm
Thank you Adriana :)
Comment by Edmond on January 26, 2011 at 8:45pm
It's okay, I really don't have any plans for doing so anyway. I was thinking about it before I came here to TA. I have had at least three other sites with hundreds of poems on them and I just delete them. I'm trying to do better this time though in saving them. Maybe I'll come up with something later perhaps.


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