Why it is alright to say all manner of evil about atheist and liberals and why it's so dangerous

I started out my adult live as a very studious Bible thumping Jesus loving Satan hating fundamentalist planning on being a preacher. In sermons I heard and sermons I delivered there was nothing you could say bad about Satan that went too far. Nothing. In fact, the more emotional the anti-Satan vitriol, the more "amens" you heard.


We see the results of this thinking in the vitriol we see spewed at Obama and liberals (the liberal description definitely does not include Obama). He's a Muslim, he's a socialist, he's a Marxist, he's a communist. Bill and Hillary killed Vince Foster, liberals want to destroy America, Obama hates America, and lie after lie after lie about liberal policies and their impact.


This is all okay because liberals and Obama's presidency are the result of Satan's power. They are so evil there is nothing you can say that they are not worthy of. They are guilty of all evil because they are of the devil. You can say anything and if you say it loud enough and often enough (Fox News will happily assist) it becomes conventional wisdom. It guides our discourse and crowds out reasonable (read rational) thought.


Isn't it something how Saint Reagan gets credit for the Clinton surpluses that happened 6 years after he left office and 13 years after he implemented supply side idiocy and commenced doubling the national debt, but one year was too much time to blame W for the fiscal mess we've been in since 2007. You can believe this by faith. Reagan was God's man and Clinton and Obama are the Devil's men. There is nothing bad that Reagan did and nothing good that Clinton did or Obama does.


They know this is true because they're on Jesus' side. 

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Comment by michael louis morreale on August 2, 2011 at 9:45am

and if god wanted middle class workers to have more money he would have given them higher iq's so they would have sailed thru college to higher paying jobs.so we are were god wants us to be.so let not your poor heart be troubled.heh heh.

Comment by F. Brian Fetherstonhaugh on August 2, 2011 at 11:34am

The common trait I see in conservative Christians is that "believing makes it true". As you point out, this way of thinking has its roots in religion. Once you learn that it is not necessary to have evidence to support your beliefs, you can believe anything you choose. Then we are faced with the problem that you can't change a belief arrived at without the uses of reason or logic by using reason or logic. "Faith" is nothing to be proud of.

Comment by Michael Klein on August 2, 2011 at 12:29pm

Europe calling in: But liberals are evil and they believe in supply side economics and whine about nobody letting them crash the economy while driving the country into unsupportable levels of debt!

Comment by Ron on August 6, 2011 at 1:52pm

Michael Klein: I would be surprised if anything less than 90% of liberals are Keynesians. Supply side economics requires faith (in voodoo as Bush Sr. put it). Keynesian economics requires common sense and math.


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