Why I think the "i'm spiritual not religious" statement is a bit of a copout.

I don't believe in spirituality. In fact I dislike the word. The word spirit is in most intents and purposes synonymous with the word "soul".

To me the idea of "the soul" or "the spirit" is the cause of religion. A precursor to religion. All of the major four religions and most others are based on the idea of "passing on to another life". The afterlife. That's what they're selling.

The idea of the soul is the core of this. The fact that man fears most which he doesn't understand. What does man understand the least? Death. Yes, i'm saying that man's natural fear of death is the basis of the idea of the soul... and religion. Death by my guess will be exactly how I remember things before I was born... nothingness. How do you remember life before you were born? That's how death will be. I don't think that has to be such a bad thing. I find purpose in giving to the world. Supporting humanity and life(biology) in anyway I can.

Souls / spirits are widely regarded to be the part of you that lives on when your body dies. However, there is an equal lacking in evidence of the soul as their is to any god.

The word soul has a lot of baggage that comes with it. Like the word god. I don't believe in souls and I don't believe in God. I don't indulge in the use of either word, to be honest. I could SAY that I believe in god... because I believe I was created and whatever it was that created me was god. But I can't say that because I know what the word god really means to most people. And I can't support that which I consider to be a lie. The word god has a lot of baggage.

Similarly, I can't use the word souls or spirits like most people use it. The baggage. To use the words soul, spirit or spirituality... to say that I consider myself to be spiritual. To me, implies that I believe that human beings live in on some form after their bodies die. A belief held by most of humanity which to me is a lie. There is zero evidence to support this. Less data supporting it than proof of any god. I can't indirectly support this lie by using the word.

I believe this stems from a deep seated arrogance in humans... and a product to us being a smidge smarter in many regards than most animals on the planet. To believe we are something special and above nature. I believe it informs our decisions as individuals and as a whole and holds humanity back.

I find that these beliefs tend to keep humanity from thinking about or regarding the future. That is troubling to me. And tends to be counteractive towards the cause of science.

It's also less acceptable these days to say that you don't believe in souls. It's actually acceptable and respected to say that you don't believe in god. I remember 15 years ago when that wasn't the case. I'd be called a satanist when I told people I don't believe in god. I believe 15 years or so from now the same will happen with the idea of the soul... We will admit that when we die, we die, and that is still beautiful. We will learn to respect our time on this Earth even more and see it as simply a stepping stone. That all we can do while we are here is contribute to the continuation and progress of life and our species.

One day we will learn that humans aren't alone in the universe and HUMANITY will be united on a higher level. Then, down the road, we will learn new things about life in general. And ALL OF LIFE will be reunited.

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