Growing up I never had the same longing for a higher power. I was forced by my parents to follow a particular religious rituals and they would bore me. I would go through the motions of doing the religious rituals. In my late teenage years in the college when I ran through the tough times I found solace in praying for higher power. It was very comforting to pray for a higher power and have all my trouble transfered, one who would help me get through the college and get a job. 


In last two years or three years my thoughts changed. I have a passion for science, questioning things and investigating them. Internet is a great way to increase the knowledge fast and in a quick way. Wikipedia, discovery channel, national geographic and history channel when I started working I had cable and i started watching these channels. I went through a  lot of religious texts and things were not making sense. Religions were making a lot of false claims like to name a few

  1.  Christianity: Like God created earth first then sun and stars did not make any sense because earth did not even exist in the first 10 billion years of the universe existence
  2. Islam: If you don't believe in Allah you will be burned by the fire of Allah
  3. Hinduism: Sun is a God, Moon is a God does not make any sense Sun is just a star like billions of others moon is rock going around earth, etc


Then I felt a lot of anger initially that most of the things I was taught since I was a kid were lies. I asked my parents the same questions they had no answers that when I realized as much I love and do care about them I have way different ideas. More reading of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Dan Dennet etc confirmed my ideas. I am happy that I learn and trust experimentation based science. I also believe every person has a right to believe whatever they want to believe as long as it is not harmful to the society.

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