Why do minorities turn to their oppressors' religion?

It is noted that minorities around the world tend to be more religious than the rest of the population, This does seem justified by the fact that minorities find shelter in religion. However, what's surprising is that  those groups refuse to admit that religion has been used over the centuries as a tool for discriminating against them.


When minorities turn to religion, they usually go to the extremes, and become blinded by faith. This ultimately reflects on their lifestyle, their morality and vision of the world. What's more disturbing is how these minorities take a hostile stand against other oppressed groups, especially the LGBT community.


Take for example the African American community in the USA. Its members usually come from a strong religious conservative background. Their views on certain topics are still highly affected by their faith. Speaking of homosexuality, African Americans usually stigmatize this group of people, considering them a 'white sickness' and refusing to accept their gay fellow citizens.


Outside the US, alarming things are happening as well. The African continent has been the scene of a massive christianization and islamization. Missionaries are using illegitimate means to spread the 'Good news' among Africans leading to catastrophic effects on communities. The amount of extremism being cultivated there is leading many groups to fear for their lives. Gays for example are being more and more persecuted, with counties like Uganda threatening to kill them. 


The following article, Homophobic minorities exposes how African tribes didn't have any form of homophobia until the Christian evangelists decided to disrupt their hole system of values.


Faitful To The Lord by RayBanBro66, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.

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Comment by Dustin on July 9, 2011 at 12:55pm

No No No , you've got it all wrong!  The gays aren't being persecuted!!!  The Christians are the ones being persecuted because we aren't stepping aside and just allowing them to discriminate against the gays however they wish!  


As for the African American situation , I'll just say ... I wrote a status on my FB wall about going to 'The Hippo' in baltimore (which is a gay bar) ... my only black male friend wrote on my status the following:  


"Dustin , you need to stay away from those gay people , stay away from them and never go to that bar again!"    


Well , I couldn't keep my mouth shut could I?  So I went on a rant about how only 50 years ago , white people were saying the same about Blacks and how Blacks were being murdered in certain areas of the country for their skin color and how could he be so absolutely blinded not to see that he is doing the exact same thing publicly , on MY facebook page to gay people.  


Well , he never spoke to me again.  He also told all the people that were mutual friends with me that I played the 'racist' card against him.  


Good riddance.  I would rather defend the homosexual community and lose a so called 'friend' than keep my mouth shut when a minority is being openly mocked and put down.  

Comment by Lord Gaytheist on July 9, 2011 at 1:00pm

Very interesting contribution. Unfortunately the church would want to world to believe that its followers are being persecuted for their 'faith'. And that is making believer cling more to their religion. This phenomenon is happening also in Islam, but on a much more alarming scale.


Humanity seems to have a short memory. The struggles for human rights seem to be easily forgotten.


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