Why Christians are hypocrites when it comes to censorship laws and a couple of other notes: (A blogpost from my website)

We are all aware of the bills being currently passed nationally such as ACTA or PIPA, or most notably the recent demise of SOPA, it is well noted in the press about how everyone of different creeds and backgrounds aligned with each other to fight the good fight, which of course it is, because why would we want to stop our freedom to say and do what we want?

Though recently one thing popped into my head the other day while surfing the net and researching something for a religious based essay for school, and that is that Christians with the bible have been trying to silence everyone for years, yes of course its just not the Christians this could also apply to Muslims with the cartoon a few years ago, Buddhists and Hindus, though most notably Christians.

Why? Well, just read the bible! Every book in the bible tells YOU how to live and HOW to do it, for example the treatment of women, in 1st Corinthians 14:34 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also faith the law.“ Just reading that excerpt from a writing of Paul is for me as an atheist disgusting, this is the exact thing which holds us back from becoming a more developed civilisation and what a lot Christians fight against everyday yet because it is the Bible ‘we must not question we must follow and obey!’

Another interesting thing to note about how Christianity censors us all is how the head honchos of different sects of religion force movie industries not to allow movies which might infringe their religion, yet, The Passion of the Christ gets a swift go ahead, ya’see the thing is I honestly would not mind if they brought out a movie then the Muslims where allowed one, then Atheists’ where allowed one and so one, but no, that ain’t gonna happen.

Another interesting thing to note about the hypocrisy of Christians is how a lot of them are the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ crowd, yet isn’t it funny religious institutions can get away with not paying taxes and even the pastors at the churches don’t even have to pay a property tax on their house, yea that’s right no property tax, so what does this do? It gives us the taxpayer the burden of paying it off. But isn’t it funny how some members of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ are fine with this but HATE the idea that the top 1% are getting away with low taxes. Sure what they are protesting against is right but like most things you have to set a double standard.

I wish I had gone into more detail, though this is just a brain fart. Feel free to follow me on Tumblr at: danielhimself.tumblr.com

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