Why are God's Words so Obscure. Why didn't he make it more clear?

Hello, I'm a Christian. I came across this question a few times and I figure it's probably best to just post some research that I did in the past. Please take the time to rip it apart and let me know what you think.....Have a GREAT Day..

This question is from my friend Shine, this one is for you baby: Isn't it odd that God would deliver his sacred message in a text so ambiguous that it requires "enlightened" reading? What constitutes this
enlightened reading? Who are you to say that I am not an enlightened
reader? Are enlightened readers only the people who arrive at the same
conclusion as you?

In Luke 4:17-18, Jesus proclaims He is the One anointed by God to “preach good news to the poor,” to “proclaim freedom for the prisoners,” and “recovery of sight to the blind,” to
proclaim the year of the Lord” (NIV). Then, in what seems to be a contradictory
statement, Jesus, in Mark 4:10-12, tells his disciples that the parables are
meant to conceal the truth from “those outside” in order to prevent them from
understanding and as a result repenting and being forgiven. Does not common
sense suggest that Jesus, like any teacher or preacher, did not teach to
confuse or conceal but to enlighten and reveal?
Does this statement not throw a kink into the armor of Jesus' mission

Jesus interpreted two thirds of his parables; a clear indication that he wanted his disciples and the general crowd to understand the message he proclaimed. In addition, the “mysteries” contained in the parables
are publicly proclaimed by Jesus in many others ways. The mystery in the
parables of Luke 15—God's love for the lost—can be seen in his ministry to the
Samaritans (Jn 4). Therefore, the reason for Jesus' parables is to supportive
of his mission's description in Luke 4:17-18. Parables are use as another
method of conveying a message and idea.

Jesus, at times, used the parables for the purpose of concealing as well as revealing. It was necessary that Jesus teach in this manner to guard against the ever illusive superficial interpretation of his
message. (1) The Sadducees and Pharisees saw him as a threat to their agenda.
This was especially true, for Jesus often spoke out against their hypocrisy.
Hence, Jesus hid his message behind layers in parables. To get through the
layers, the listeners would in turn unveil their own hidden sins. Many times,
Jesus' opposition backed down from the challenge of the message for fear of
being exposed. (2) Time and time again, Jesus found in his audience those who
were hostile toward him.
In addition, Pilate would also become quite suspicious of anyone attracting
large crowds and the message of the kingdom could be easily misunderstood as a
plot for an uprise. As a result, Jesus masked his message in parables to avoid
misinterpretation. (3) Another reason why Jesus taught in parables was to
illustrate his message to outsiders. The parable of The Good Samaritan, a
parable of gracious love, contains simple and foundational truths that
outsiders can understand. (4) A final reason for the use of parables comes in
the form of disarming the listeners and piercing hardened hearts. Nathan's
parable caught David's attention, and shockingly brought light to his sins and
God's anger toward them (2 Sam 12:1-4). Jesus in the same way used parables to
disarm his listeners defense, revealing their own misguided righteousness. In
Luke 15, Jesus uses a trilogy of parables to not only reach his companions but
to influence those who were hardened towards his message.


Thank you for reading....please do your worse. Though his doesn't answer all the questions, especially those about the Old Testament, but it's a good starting point for a conversation.

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Comment by Trevauhn Grant on February 12, 2010 at 12:50pm
that youtube thing was funny...you do have a sense of humor. But I hope this isn't your main source of information. though satire and dude pushing his ideas through the satire is funny and all. It just isn't a very worthy source. At least use wikipedia as a starting point or something. Jean i thought of you better than that.
Comment by Trevauhn Grant on February 12, 2010 at 12:51pm
I mean really, you're attempting to interpret ancient texts based on today's modern thoughts.
Comment by Trevauhn Grant on February 12, 2010 at 1:14pm
wow...Shine, baby got back. That's some real fancy writing there girl ::in my southern redneck voice:: I asked the question on the other blog entry if you were indeed speaking about the bible's accuracy as it relates to history or what not. And I take it you are speaking of that.

Let's think common sense for a little bit. Not atheist or theist, just common sense. (sorry for the incomplete sentences, I know you're well educated and it's probably a pet-peeve). If the bible was perfect in every way, as you assert it should be, would you then follow it? would you then worship God? I dear you to say YES out loud....

The real issue is not it's historical correctness, because the bible is actually the younger of what is considered ancient historical documents. The issue has nothing to do with weather it has errors, because the Dead Sea Scrolls can prove true to it's original authors. The issue is your willingness to accept what it says, your willingness to hear. ::those who have ears to hear, let them hear:: Ancient writers, as you should know, are not all that concerned about historical accuracy. Unless the document is labeled Chronicles. They were more concerned about getting a message across to the generations to come or simply getting the message to the person down the street. Most of the New Testament are letters written from one person to another. I doubt historical accuracy was on the forefront of their minds. I'm not hitting the OT yet, because there are just so many things and most of the answer can be found in the NT anyways. I do have to eat, thank you shine for your response, it was valuable.

You're da bomb!!
Comment by Trevauhn Grant on February 12, 2010 at 1:16pm
Yes God chose humans. Human beings who made mistakes. and even though they made mistakes, I believe they got God's heart in the words and they left it for me to read, so i'm going to read it and believe and have faith. BAM BABY
Comment by Katie Roberts on February 12, 2010 at 1:22pm
"But I hope this isn't your main source of information... It just isn't a very worthy source."

In my experience people say this sort of thing when they have been seriously rattled. I remember my sister being very scornful after she'd read the Why Doesn't God Heal Amputees website, which I'd recommended. I still have her email: she says, "I read why doesn't god heal amputees and a more ignorant summary is probably hard to find, if that is where you are getting knowledge from it's hardly selective." She's now also an atheist - it wasn't even very long afterwards.

The way I see it Trevauhn, if one can recognise the truth of something it matters very little where you find it. This is the value of learning to think critically - having learnt (or if we're lucky, been taught as a child) HOW to think rather than WHAT to think. Then we are in a position to learn valuable things from pretty much anything, no matter how "lowbrow"! Humour is a very effective tool in highlighting the inconsistencies of religion - if there was no truth in it wouldn't be funny, now would it?!
Comment by Trevauhn Grant on February 12, 2010 at 1:26pm
"if one can recognise the truth of something it matters very little where you find it." Wow that's pretty good. But don't you think adding laughter to a message, even if it's not true, can make the message more acceptable. So instead of taking a message that has been (in my words) tainted. Why not look to a source that doesn't beg for subjective acceptance.
Comment by Trevauhn Grant on February 12, 2010 at 1:44pm
Jean in response to your first question: One thing we've missed these many years as Christians and as far as human understanding goes, is that God is relational. Example: If I set up a profile on eharmony to find my true love, you know what, i'm not gonna post a picture of how big my penis is. Simply because I might get too many responses back from women who just want me sexually. I'm looking for true love, not just sex. So i'm going to put up stuff that illustrates my personality and my desire for real love, so I can weed out those who actually want sex as opposed to real love...that's the best I can do in a short span of time.

Same here with God. He's looking for true love, those who truly want him will get him. Jean, if you honestly say that I desire to have God. Guess what, you will be redeemed. AND THAT'S BOTTOM LINE.. That is why an atheist will not understand. Because you are reading the bible to disprove it. You're not reading the bible to find God and love him.

God gives all the answers in the Bible. the book of Hebrews has detailed explanations of God's actions in the Old Testament. Jesus explains his parables. the book of Luke and Acts explains why God chose the Jews to reveal himself. Paul's epistles explain the heart of God, what he likes, what he doesn't like, and how you can get to know him, and what will happen when you do know him. This bible is a relationship book, not just meant for history. The whole point is to get back to that place like what was in the garden, when God would come down in the middle of the day and come hang out. that is what God is all about. He wants to throw a party, but no party crashers allowed, so therefore, Jesus will speak in parables to weed them out.
Comment by Trevauhn Grant on February 12, 2010 at 2:13pm
yeah it was lame....whatever, i tried....i never said I was a linguist or trained in the art of rhetoric. Jean use some imagination will you please. I'm begging.
Comment by Trevauhn Grant on February 12, 2010 at 2:16pm
you're pretty kind by whose standards. you have high morals by whose standards. I'm sure Hilter said he was pretty kind to white blue eyed people too. He helped his community alright, actually he started an expansion program. TAKE OVER the WORLD; or atleast run it. The issue isn't about being good. Jesus did not come to make bad people good, he came to make dead people alive. Jesus came to reestablish the relationship between humanity and God.
Comment by James on February 12, 2010 at 9:49pm
"Same here with God. He's looking for true love, those who truly want him will get him. Jean, if you honestly say that I desire to have God. Guess what, you will be redeemed. AND THAT'S BOTTOM LINE.. That is why an atheist will not understand. Because you are reading the bible to disprove it. You're not reading the bible to find God and love him."

Trouble is, you are actually reading with a motive, just as you claim Atheists are. You want to believe in a loving and forgiving God that loves you, so that's what you find. However, claiming that we find the god character more than flawed as little to do with wanting him to be for many of us. In fact I was brought up Catholic, and most Atheists were also brought up in a belief system of some kind. Like many, my initial doubts came unexpectedly. Feeling I had strayed or that there was something wrong with me (per the teachings), I studied deeper into the church and the faith. You see, I wanted to correct the issue and I wanted it to all be true just as I was told. However, what I found was the antithesis of what I sought. If it was as simple as wanting to find the one true all loving God in the texts like you say, then I would likely still be a Catholic to this day. I didn't seek to dismantle the Bible or the beliefs I was surrounded with. I was looking for the opposite of that, but what I found it what I found. Sorry to go introspective, but I felt there was a need to correct the common notion that Atheists don't and never wanted to find God.


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