In the world of faith healing, there is a need for an escape clause, something
which explains why it doesn't work. This, of course, is that it is always the fault

of the victim. If your cancer isn't cured, it isn't the healer's fault, it's just that you

didn't believe hard enough. If your arthritis is still there, well, you shouldn't have
jay-walked, should you!

This isn't a new idea of course. In biblical Palestine, the people of Israel had
a covenant with God, the Lord and Creator of the Universe, a deity so powerful,
his mere words could cause all of mankind (except for one boatful) to be killed.
This unimaginably powerful god promised his people, that if they worshipped him
they would never lose. Their armies would carry the ark of the covenant before
them and be invincible.

So, oops, the Assyrians nicked Israel. What happened? Oh well, they probably just
didn't believe hard enough. And anyway, the covenant was really with the southern
Kingdom, right?

Oh, woopsie, Babylon got the rest. What did we do wrong, oh Lord? Did we not believe
hard enough? Did someone eat pork, perhaps? If we stone him, can we go home again?

Stories abound of people attending faith healing sessions and get called up, they
don't get cured, but are still steadfast in their belief and loyalty to the healer.
They did something wrong, not he. They must pray harder, be better christians, it
cannot be that the great man on stage is a fraud.

With this mindset, seemingly built into the human brain since time immemorial, how can

sanity ever win?

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