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Whistle Blower in dire straits.

Dan Abshear was building a new life Dan in Milwaukee
but recently it all fell apart when his girl friend of nearly three years left him.
He turned himself in for an old probation violation in St. Louis just to get out of the cold.
Is there anyone who can offer him work when he gets out of jail in three month?

Dan writes:

Presently, I'm back in jail again in St. Louis after being free for about five and a half years. Recently, I lost everything once again while living in Milwaukee, WI. So I decided to move back to Missouri to do this jail time for my violating probation in this state. Actually, I turned myself in once I arrived in Missouri at a bus station in St. Louis. So now I rest and relax in this jail.

And, I lived in Milwaukee for three years. Overall, I had a great time living there. Ended up having a great girl friend there for over two years. And I also had a job and an apartment while living in Milwaukee. But I lost all of this so I'm broke and homeless once again. This is why I'm in Missouri now.

Since I am now homeless I want to stay in jail as long as I can. After moving to a few different locations my first week here I can now be assigned to my permanent unit here in jail. They move you around a lot like that when you are first locked up. I'll stay in this cell here likely with another inmate. We have TV here and quite a bit to read, thankfully .

My plan is now to do some reading and writing while in jail. And I'll balance it mentally after recently losing everything in Milwaukee. When I'm released from here I'll try and find a place to stay. And I'll look for a decent job so I can hopefully get back on my feet again.

Also I need to try and mend relationships with those here I've loved the most in my life and that includes most importantly my daughter, Hayley, who is turning 17 yeas old very soon.

So, the food is not too bad here in jail. In fact, it is much better than what I normally eat which is not much. But I normally find myself very hungry very often in jail. So, I try and save some food to eat in between meal times here in jail. Things I miss in jail are cigarettes and the internet but I'll live without these things for a while.

I miss my friends in Milwaukee and I miss my routine there. But because I did lose everything there, I'm glad I moved to Missouri to once again restart my life. With my last eight dollars I took a bus to St. Louis from Milwaukee a few nights ago. Once in St. Louis, I had someone call the police to arrest me. They then soon arrived at that bus station so here I am now.

It's rather unfortunate I have to go to jail to find some peace in my life. In addition to coffee I'll get some stamped envelopes to write to other people.

Dealing with burden is a challenge in jail. Keeping your mind occupied is a constant goal here. Incarceration is pointless, really. I'm not being rehabilitated. Nor am I encouraged to be more effective and a productive member of society. The precept of incarceration is to keep the minds of our people idle. Remorse will prevent me from committing future crimes. Not incarceration.

Again - Whistle Blower falls on Hard Times

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