I realise this may be bending the rules somewhat, but I'm just writing this blog to let you know of some exciting thing happening over in my own little world, at Martin S Pribble. I decided it was time to come out of hiding under the monicker of Atheist Climber and go by my real name, for a couple of reasons. One, I am not afraid or ashamed of my atheism, nor am I afraid of what others might think of me or do to me because of my convictions. Two, It is my name, and if I want to be taken seriously by anyone, then I need to be proud of what I do.

If you were previously a reader of Atheist Climber, the new address is http://www.martinspribble.com/ . If you were previously subscribed to my RSS or the email notifications, you will need to re-subscribe, as this didn't carry across to the new site.

Also, there are a few pretty excitiing things happening over at my blog. I have embarked on two personal projects, and a presonal crusade.

The first project is the Vox Populi project, which is where I write a short introductory paragraph or so introducing a topic, and I encourage readers to comment and leave their opinions and ideas on my blog. The idea here is to get as many different voices on my blog as possible, and to help people to broaden their ideas a little.

The second project, and the one I am most excited about, is the Prominent People Project, which is a serise of interviews with prominent people in the worlds of atheism, agnosticism, science, and skeptical and rational thought. So far I have published interviews with Greydon Square, Lovingdoubt and Eugenie C Scott. There a many more coming, including an interview with PZ Myers and an interview with Lawrence Krauss (yes you read that right!)

The personal crusade I have started at my blog is agains the australian Christian propagandist group Outreach Media. this has been going for a while now, but I have given it a name and a special space on my blog.

So go on over there and take a look, there are now 130+ artices and movies, and plenty of bits and pieces to get your mind going. and remember to update your RSS bookmarks and subscriptions.


Martin S Pribble

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Comment by Monica McGee (Monicks) on November 2, 2010 at 1:31am


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