This is a slightly edited version of a comment (essay?) which I posted on Monicks blog Unleashed, don't know what's inspired me to post it here:)

We’re not angry, we’re apathetic! We don’t rage against the machine, rail against our oppressors. It’s an academic exercise for us; we’re right, the’re wrong soon, if we just change education, people will realise!
It doesn’t work that way! This is about power and control. What sort of power – political power, coercive power, economic power and cultural power. Control, they have it.
Can anyone name one of the 193 UN member states which is constitutionally secular to the satisfaction of an atheist? Probably not. In every jurisdiction that I know of, not a lot admittedly, religion retains a tax exempt status through political power. While the irreligious and secular are denied the same.
We need to organise, but even that is almost impossible. The declaration of human rights decrees the right of religious proselytisation yet denies us an equivalent freedom, so easily stated as the right to ‘quiet enjoyment’. The same declaration establishes religious, unsupported in fact, family structures as both primary and necessary.
A simple pro choice contest Roe V Wade [1973] it’s not over yet the religious will tie up resources, both public and private, in court battles well into the foreseeable future, funded in large at public expense in every jurisdiction possible: federal, state or local across all 193 nation states. The same with id, chaplaincy services, marriage, gay rights,…10s of thousands of court battles, ongoing forever. And we, with our tax dollars, fund both prosecution and defence.
A mere distraction as the religious consolidate power, to the point where the largest military force in the world (you know the one, you’re either with us or against us) may well fall to the hands of the theocratic right as early as next year. Whoohoo Perry/Bachmann as a double. And what can the greatest constitution ever written do to prevent it nothing, hopefully it will manage to curb the excesses through the judicial branch but then consider Scalia in Citizens United v Federal Election Commission. Doesn’t inspire confidence, does it?
This is happening here (Australia), there (USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, Canada,…), everywhere. And democracy, without principle, is helpless to stop it.
The UN doesn’t support the secular community, I know of no national constitution which supports the secular community; all the ones I know of actively allow the religious to discriminate against us. Yet the religious globally pursue their theocratic agenda. Central to which seems to be, on the public teat, taking over our schools, taking over the delivery of welfare services, taking over our courts and taking over our governments.
But we're not angry yet!

The fact is we don’t have to join anything; but we do need to communicate, collaborate, plan for and develop a principled alternative.

<end rant>

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