This is my response to an article I once found in my mailbox when I got home from a long day at work. I posted it in the wrong section and forgot to “blog” it until now. I am still awaiting a reply from them. Yeah, I know it will never arrive but I never let a chance go by to help a Christian become a better one!!! You can read it here first and then my response. They claim to be Catholic. Yes, I could just bin it but I always feel compelled to question them, especially when it sounds so Westboro Baptist.

Junk Mail

I would like to reply to an article on page 7 of the March 2011 copy of the “Alive” newspaper which arrived unsolicited through my mailbox. It caught my attention because of Dan Dennett’s picture. I am an Atheist and I found your disparaging remarks about Atheism to be in poor taste. Your statement that Atheism leads to “chaos, despair, and barbarity” is extremely offensive. I also dismiss your sweeping generalization that Western civilization will collapse if we do not believe in your God.

I live a full and complete life without any trace of your God influencing how I conduct myself. My life without faith is not “terrible”. I do not expect you to understand this because most fundamentalists seem to assume that Atheists are immoral or “evil” to some degree. Catholics may need to have their “moral principles rooted in God’s wisdom” (whatever that means) but all the Atheists I know are quite able to take responsibility for their own actions and intrinsically know “right from wrong” without having to take to two tablets to learn the difference.

I find it strange that in response to Dennett’s lecture (which I attended) all you can mention that your religion does well is it “reveals God’s loving plan for your salvation and gives a deeper sense of dignity as children of God.” (again - whatever that means). Dennett actually gave the Catholic Church credit for its role in education and gave Christianity credit for the inspiration it has given for iconic art and choral music down through the years.

You are completely wrong when you say that “Dennett, Dawkins & Co proclaim life without meaning and ultimate despair”. They make no such proclamations. Any good journalist would have checked for references first.

The next article “We have something to learn here” is pathetic. The president of Harps Food chain (Arkansas store) was correct in issuing an apology because it was homophobic to cover the picture of Elton John and his family in such a manner. These “homosexual activists” were not trying to “advance their objectives”. They were civil right activists looking for parity of treatment.

It gets worse. You then compare this to supporters of Christian values and end up after one short paragraph writing about “the culture of despair” with “tens of millions of unborn children” being slaughtered and “marriages wrecked” I cannot see anything to compare. All I see is a bigoted attempt to link gay civil right activists with abortion and divorce. It may not be specifically linked but it is implied. At least if you had made an effort to contrast rather than compare it would not have read so badly.

I am not looking for an apology as I am prepared to turn the other cheek in this instance. However it would be appreciated if you could tone down the vitriol in future especially as children may also read it. Try to be a better Christian if you can. Please feel free to reply with any comments.

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