When down and out, hungry, in shock, and at a mental low point offer them a “bone.”

I’m amazed how religions offer help but use it to “convey” their message. The “Evangelicals” are off to Haiti to bring help and so on. Personally, I think that’s great. In fact, I want them to stay there and don’t come back.

Now most of the people of Haiti are Catholic. I know that just upsets the likes of Pat Robertson. Why? I would think that they don’t get his show there. And since they might not get his show he can’t tap them for some money.

I think that the Evangelicals believe that they can use this as a way to establish a larger footing there. But, having seen how religions and religious leaders go after each other when their turf is up for grabs, I don’t think the Evangelicals have a good chance of becoming the “new” religion in Haiti.

I remember back when Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Baker were having at it after Baker’s scandal broke. Oh those boys can quote that bible. Of course most of it is taken out of context.

But really, who wants to take the time and memorize a book of fiction front to back and back to front. And there aren’t that many pictures. And of course we all know how the story ends.

Here’s a story that talks about it. Here’ s the link so you can read it in full.

The Evangelical preacher talking about how his church is having to step into the breech because the government can’t. Makes me think of another religious group in Afghanistan doing the same thing.

It’s called the Taliban. Seems the Afghanistan government is not able to step into the breech and the Taliban is filling this and other voids.

I’m sure, since it’s a Faith Based Group nothing much will come of it….

So what’s your feelings about this?

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