the question is not

“if,” but when the Israeli government decides to

attack Iran,

just what do you think you’ll be doing?


will you be home watching afternoon television,

maybe “The Talk,” or “Anderson Cooper,”

guzzling down Coca-Cola & stuffing yourself full of

garlic knots or

cheese balls?


will you be picking your kids up from school?

slaving away overtime at work?

making sweet love to your lovebuddy in a jacuzzi?

munching a handful of shrooms alone in your room?












like a chicken with its head cut off,

the Israeli government preemptively attacks, invades &

obliterates Iran,

using their nuclear energy program as the



will we americans wonder why the empire didn’t step in front of

our crazy little brother &

tell him to chill out?

or will we sit back & let him charge in as he did in 1982

when he invaded Lebanon, killing nearly 28,000 Lebanese, Syrians &

Palestinians (not counting those wounded)?

will we just give him a little slap on the wrist,


“now, now, little brother, you know you can’t go and do that without our permission.”


will we think about the domino effect that will occur

directly thereafter?

will we cry “why do they hate us?” like we did when

9/11 occurred?

will we pretend we knew nothing of this psychotic venture,

or will we just hope that nothing comes to the shores of the




it’s just one more country whose oil we need to rape & drain,



it’s just another people that weren’t doing what they were told,

since they kicked out the Shah in 1979,



the fact that the empire’s crazy little brother struck first will

be seen as a good thing,

and it will be paraded all over the american media as

“something that needed to happen---

something that was inevitable.”


will we be able to

remember where we were

when those first stealths fly in,

and in the same breath,

ignore all the tenets of

UN Security Council Resolution 1887

which calls for peacefully resolved nuclear weapon

disputes, in opposition to

unopposed attack?


if on that day,

when all caution is thrown to the wind &

the perpetrators within the little brother of the empire

close their eyes & flick the switches,

we americans,

we current residents of the empire,

have the audacity to ask what exactly is happening

when the world starts to spin upside down,

we should be so lucky that someone will be left alive to

slap us hard in the face.

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