Many human beings feel the need to label themselves with an "ism," or an acronym, or an orientation, etc., but in the process some of them somehow forget that first and foremost, we are not a compilation of our "isms"--we are human beings. Yes, we are "unique" in a sense, but it is the "isms" of the world which causes us as humans to separate ourselves from one another.


From theism to atheism, and everything in between, we identify and separate ourselves by our "isms" It is because of our human nature that naturally leads us to different conclusions about what we ought to do, and how we ought to do it, that also perpetuates the "new and improved" "isms" we can embrace. Be it "bitheism" ( sounds kinky, but it is the belief in 2 gods) to "Ignosticism" (the belief that we cannot define god, as we do not know enough about what a god is) theists are divided into "isms" just as atheists are.


We all have our opinions, but that need not separate us. As a pragmatist, I am more than willing to change my thoughts on something if I am presented with a better argument. I would even become a theist if I were presented with proof of a god and/or arguments for this god that made logical, rational sense. So far, this has not happened. One of the biggest obstacles in overcoming religious dogma is the unwillingness for believers to consider better arguments. It is a bane to rational thought, when those who think they are thinking, are not thinking at all.....just reiterating nonsensical dogma which has been drilled into them.


My solution is to fight fire with fire. I ask compelling questions which theists cannot give logical answers for. I write papers. I write blogs. I spend time in forums. I teach. Our "isms" against their "isms"--perhaps there is a middle ground where our "isms" can unite into a global "ism" where rational thought becomes the norm. I can only hope.

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