Thought someone might appreciate my story :)  


I work part time at Taco Bell.  So today, I was running drive thru and it wasn't too busy ... A Customer Service Issue arose and the girl on the line making food said 'What would Jesus doooo" ... I got the feeling she was being sarcastic so I said 'Jesus Is dead , so he doesn't have an opinion'.  Well , the girl who initially asked the question replied 'No , Jesus is a Zommbbbiiieee' (LOL!!)  


Then this other girl , right after I said 'He's dead' and at the same time the first girl was saying 'No he's a Zombie'  went 'Oh My God , that was so rude' with a shake of her head.  Then I said fairly bluntly , 'Yeah but he was crucified so he's pretty much dead!'  She shaked her head again and just went 'Wow!  That is so insensitive!'  


So then I quickly asked her what the difference between asking 'What would George Washington do' and 'What would Jesus Do' and the difference in replying 'George Washington is dead' and 'Jesus is dead'.  


She seemed annoyed and just walked away.  


So I found myself a fellow Non Christian at work and found someone who might be a Christian based off her reaction.   


I just couldn't help myself , my reply was kind of a reflex to the question ... :P  

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