What the heck is wrong with religious people?

It's so frustrating, you give them evidence that god or gods does not exist, and then they say that's not evidence! They still have the courage to say that science and history support the fact of God.  And what is their evidence for this? Well, just because it says it here in the bible, "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God”(Psalm 14:1). ughh it frustruates me!

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Comment by Alma Salazar on February 20, 2012 at 12:00pm

Ugh i know it's frustrating and its tru what you say that their universe is their bibble. my parents are fundamentalist chiristians and the believe EVERYTHING that's in the bibble! They dont even know i am atheist! they'll probably think i am stupid for not believing that god exist. but i dont want to tell them because i dont wont them to be preaching to me all the time and trying to convert me. I wouldn't stand it! I had enought of that!

Comment by Leslie on February 20, 2012 at 1:27pm

Last week I sat in on a dear friend speaking to a group of Christian teens.  She was giving her testimony and she explained that her sister isn’t a Christian, so every time this friend shares an experience that my friend attributes to God's "voice"/interaction in her life with her unbelieving sister, her sister tries to rationally explain what might have been the catalyst for attributing those feelings to God.  My friend stated boldly to the room that she wasn't looking for an explanation because she already KNEW that it was God and no one could tell her differently.  I share this for two reasons:

1.  I think it can be pointless to argue with many Christians because, as in my friend's words, they don't care if there is a logical explanation.  The feeling/high that they get from religious experience is worth sacrificing logic.

2.  Though it can be pointless to argue/debate them, it is often necessary.  This same friend explained to the group that non-Christians were lost and (can't remember her exact words, but...) deficient because they hadn't "accepted Christ..."  I think she even went on to explain that though they may feel like they are o.k., they will eventually come to a point when crisis will make it necessary to become a Christian (I always hate that...it always feels like they WANT others to feel the depression/sorrow that led them to cling to religion).  Even though the premise of her talk sounded "loving" (accept non-Christians because they are "lost") it was extremely offensive in light of her admission that logic isn't even a consideration in her examination of faith and consequent judgement of those who have a different faith than her (and all this coming from a comparably tolerant Christian if her day to day actions are any indication). 

SO...you're right!  I'm perfectly willing to live and let others live, but I don't understand "what is wrong with religious people" who feel the need to judge (regardless of their claims that they don't) and emphasize conversion all of the time. Yes!  I can accept that you have accepted "faith" without proof, AND (in most cases) I'm not going to question your morality/purpose, why must you challenge mine?  (Which I did take personally considering she invited me to this talk knowing full well I am a non-believer)  Sigh...

Comment by Matthew on February 20, 2012 at 1:56pm
When you say that you provide evidence for gods absence, that's a hard trail to follow. I tend to attack gods supernaturalism and omnipotence, that's all gods weakness. That way if they defend it you can tell if they're disconnected from reality easier and you can decide whether or not they're worth your breath.
Comment by Alma Salazar on February 20, 2012 at 2:36pm

Well, yeah that's funny and ironic that my name means soul. Yeah like what is wrong with them why dont they want to open their eyes? Maybe i feel this way because i used to be very religious and i once was like them, i wouldnt hear reason or logic. But i wasn't happy i was constently trying to be good because i was afraid i was going to go to hell. if i commited a "sin" i would prey for god to forgive because I REALLY was scared of going to hell. In Sunday's school they would teach us that if you did not preach of Jesus Christ you would go to hell, if you do this or that you will go to hell. So you see i wasnt happy. there was a time when i would prey alot, i would read the bibble alot, i would only hear chirstian music, i wouldnt hear normal music, i would go to church every sunday and thursdays. I didnt even like it but i would only do it because i was scared i did not wanted to go to hell. My mom had shown me videos of how hell was and videos of people who "went to hell and came back" my mom would put fear on me everyday and would talk about god everyday. Then I got married and well i wasnt forced to go to church anymore. So i felt free in a way, i believed in god but i really didnt like church, within 6 months that i was married, that i wasnt in that environment i finally was able to THINK FOR MYSELF! Also, i was finally able to doubt and question, and until then, i knew that god does not exist. And ever since i am an atheist i've never been happier, i still consider myself a good person but i dont have that fear anymore. you see when i was christian i was a good person but with fear because thats what they teach that you need to have fear of God. so now i feel liberated. So i get frastruated because i would like for them to open their eyes, to at least question it and doubt it.  But archaepteryx right they dont deserve my breath, but i just want them to at least think about it ;)

Comment by Alma Salazar on February 20, 2012 at 2:59pm

oh i meant Mathew is right they dont deserve my breath

Comment by Alma Salazar on February 20, 2012 at 3:01pm

yes you are right archaepteryx that's the best way attacking the bibble, by the way i visited your website its very interesting.

Comment by Robert Bumbalough on February 20, 2012 at 3:02pm

@archaeopteryx Your Genesis essays featuring analysis from Wellhausen's Documentary hypothesis standpoint are both informative and entertaining. Its obvious you've put a great deal of work into you site and research. Many Thanks. 

Comment by Alma Salazar on February 20, 2012 at 3:04pm

Well my question is does science and history support that God or Gods Exist, or that they dont? because that's what that person told me.

Comment by Alma Salazar on February 21, 2012 at 1:13am

Wow archaepteryz that story of the bible is a good one!  i've never would have come up with that! that was very helpful. Well its true what you say that us mexicans value family alot, i do value my family alot. I didnt really meant my parents didnt deserve my breath because the dont even know i am atheist so i have not debate them over the existince of god. I dont want to tell them that i am atheist because i know they will get hurt, and will fear for my soul, so they wont be in peace, and well i dont want that, when she talks about god i try to not make conversations about it. I do admit i am quite resentful because i was force to go to church i dont believe no one should be forced to do something they dont want. the funny think is that i am having a debate with a catholic in the internet, so i want to have the last word lol that's why i thought he doesnt deserve my breath or more like my hands because i am typing.


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