I don't self describe as an atheist. 

Because I'm not 'an atheist.' 

To assume so would to put far more importance than on what the word is worth. 

If I had to pick out a hundred words and list them in the order that described me, there would be plenty higher on that list. First and foremost, I'm a woman. I guess physical biology gets the most credit. Then I guess I'd be a diver, because I spend way more time on dive related activities than I do atheism. Maybe next would come writer. Actually, I spend a lot of time writing about diving, so I guess that bumps it down another line or two. 

But you see what I'm getting at. 

Atheism doesn't define me. It's simply a variable of the countless complexities that make me who I am and you who you are. 

Oh. I'm also not militant, either. 

Jesus Christ. I drive a fucking Metro, ok? And I actually cycle to work most days now that it's warm out. 

I smoke more weed than Willy Nelson and I drink more than the hobo I pass on the way to work. No one can understand my best friends, but that's not because they are imaginary. It's because one is Scottish and speaks an indecipherable abomination that he claims is the 'Queen's English' (and therefore 'more correct' because it's older. Well guess what, genius? You know what else was older? Cavemen. EVOLVE ALREADY! ) and because the other one is a Doberman Pincer. And he doesn't really have a jaw structure for oral language, so that makes things hard. Also, because the words he does know are in Gaelic. And I don't speak Gaelic. Not past his commands and identifiers. To be militant, don't you have to be organized with other people actively ...at least... talking.. about your cause? So I mean, you can't really call me 'militant' because no one around me talks about atheism and hell, I don't even talk to co-workers about atheism so there really isn't any communication in a verbal sense. 

So the only thing I do is write about atheism. 

And like.. 90% of that is on an atheist site. 

Sure, I guess I'm a bitch, even by the 'angry atheist' standards, but that's just because I'm a bitch, not because I'm an atheist. Actually, that isn't really true, either. I mean, I throw my obligatory "I'm sorry, I don't support homophobic organizations" insult to the Boy-scouts when I get hassled for money by them,  but it's not like I've ever had to be forced away from their fundraiser by security. I say my bit and keep walking. Not because I'm taking a bite at the adults but because I'm hoping one of those kids will hear and ask questions. And from the answers he receives from those questions he'll form his own opinions. But even that? That's not about my atheism. I wouldn't give a shit if that was a secular group or not. I don't care if an atheist gives me some excuse for how homophobia can be rationalized. I don't care who you are or what you don't believe in. Homophobia is bigotry. It just so happens that a lot of gods support homophobia. So even that is secondary. 

So my politics aren't really about my atheism, not directly.  We just evolved as thinking, rational creatures. I mean, we aren't all that far down the road than our neolithic cavemen ancestry, though. We are only a few thousand generations away from clubbing each other with sticks. 

We are only a few hundred years away from burning people as witches.

We are only a few-

Oh. Wait a minute. People are still getting stoned to death around the world right now. 

I mean, face it. The logical side of our brains developed way faster than the animalistic, instinct based part did. We know murder is bad, but holy fuck we love watching it on T.V. 

So as rational, thinking beasts that are still genetically predisposed towards hostility, xenophobia and violent behavior, how the hell can we get our kicks?

We can make up stupid excuses to kill people different from us! And then we rationalize them by giving them labels like 'legal' or 'moral' or 'justified' because that eases the rational side of the brain while still appeasing the part that has nightmares about being chased by a predator at night. We make up imaginary lines to create an 'us' vs. 'them.' 

And believe me, we need 'them' to be different enough from 'us' so that that there is a..not dehumanizing, but a..desensitivity to the recognition of humanity in others? 

(Because we have evolved far enough that the majority of the people the majority of the time have issues with the murder of people a little too familiar. That's a good step, right?) 

Religion is one of the biggest lines there are. It has divided and killed more humans than any disease except aging. To those of us that genuinely see these wars as a matter of two children fighting about their imaginary friends, it's also the most absurd excuse there is, and therefore the most abhorrent. Again, the very lines of which I speak, I suppose. Look, I can see someone committing murder or theft to save their own family. I can understand wars about territory, about land and food and water rights. Fuck, I can even understand wars about political ideology. After all, the politics define the laws, the laws define the quality of life. At the end of the day, you save more people by fighting a war and stabilizing the government than you do allowing tyranny to spread. So there are times where I would agree that I am personally capable of doing horrible things, even selfish things. I can agree that sometimes violence is necessary and even honorable if the divide is so wide there is no hope in reconciliation.  But really? You Catholics? Protestants? You even worship the same god. How fucking mental do you have to be?! Can you please just admit you are killing each other because you just plain like to kill each other? The only difference between you and the goat herding maniacs beheading each other in the desert is..well. Nothing. Other than the fact that you're white. But I think it might be considered racist of me to point that out. Seriously folks. You kill each other over a SPORT. And not even a very good sport at that. Football is great, don't get me wrong, but what you have are super-star pussies who spend more time rolling around on the ground for pity points than they do actually kicking the ball. This annoys me. For as much as your athletes get paid, I want to continue to see them in all their upright glory unless and until they lose their leg or worse and pass out from bloodloss. In fact, I don't think professional atheistic should be paid any more than our basic enlisted military unless we are allowed to watch them die on field.

Yes. I believe the same about American sports and our 'gang' culture, too. I could rant about that if you want as well.

-But I digress. 

The world is stupid. That is a lot of why I am angry. 

And even the fact that I get this angry must prove something. 

Because seriously. I'm pissed. 

But a few thousand sternly arranged words will be the only act of 'militancy' tonight, I promise you. 

One friend already removed our conversation tonight on Facebook. 

And I'm sure other people saw it. 

And I'm sure I'll be branded as a 'this' or as a 'that.' 

Yet nobody gives a shit when we give money to veterans causes and supporting our troops. 

Or the rest of my day. 

Especially on some of them that remind me Christian Gospel and Spreading the Word is still quite alive, even in the bay area. 


No one knows about the times when you actually do restrain yourself. 





*Author's note.

Please feel free to use the word 'liberal' in the place of 'atheist' at any and all times in this rant. 




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Comment by IEatDinosaurMeat on June 2, 2011 at 12:17am
I describe myself as a reductive physicalist and consider that enough.
Comment by Dave G on June 2, 2011 at 1:46am
As I have told people several times when asked, my being an atheist is a conclusion, not a process. If I had to use a label of some sort I'd choose skeptic before atheist.
Comment by oneinfinity on June 4, 2011 at 10:11pm
Love the rant ^_^ I'm angry too at how much stupidity I have shoved in my face everyday from every direction, the constant reminder that as a whole humans are still primitives in so many ways. Alas.


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