What Should Obama's Priority be After Inauguration?

There are several of these "suggestions for the new president" sites out there, and its tough to keep track of them all. The main ones I've seen though are:

Weather-or-not chiming in on these sites will make a difference, or weather-or-not the ideas will even make it to Pres-Elect Obama, I don't know. However, years of experience have taught me that doing nothing will get you nothing while doing something might get you results.

A post today on American Atheist led me to Opposing Views section on What Should Obama's Priority be After Inauguration?

There are currently 9 main issues listed on the page; 3 are "separation of Church and State" related.

  • Religion Root of Problems: Mr. President, Rebuild that Wall!
  • Fix Economy by Taxing Churches: An Open Letter to President Obama from American Atheists
  • Stop 'Faith-Based' Initiatives: All Forms of Federal Religion Must End

Also looks like these three have jumped to a small early lead in the "thumbs-up recommend" count.

Get registered! And then don't forget to "thump-up" the issues you support. We can't bring change by doing nothing...

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Comment by Sophie on January 18, 2009 at 2:53pm
awesome :) Thanks for posting this Johnny


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