What Kind of gun would Jesus use? and other questions

What kind of Gun would Jesus use to fight his enemies? What verses would he etch on his sites?

Will he have a job or live off the fruit and labor of others? Will he be a building contractor when he comes back to rule? Will he invest in stocks?

I mean we know (from the religious right) that he's a gun toting capitalist that believes in patriotism and pre-emptive strikes.... right?

How will the religious services change when Jesus comes back? Are they still going to 'eat his body' and 'drink his blood'? Will they still use wine and crackers or go after the real thing?

What are the sermons going to be about? The 2nd coming has happened and he's back in charge....so what now? Everyone who's repented is saved and those that didn't are already in their eternal residence.

They don't have to have 'faith' because he's right there to see. What value does faith have after his return?

Who are they going to RULE over?

Isn't this going to be a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT?...The religious right wing preaches against the one-world government...as long as they aren't in charge. If they are in charge then its ok I guess.

anyway...feel free to answer and or pose questions of your own.

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Comment by a7 on January 29, 2010 at 10:58am
there are some good questrions I will be asking my fundie friend

nice post man
Comment by Wesley on January 29, 2010 at 1:20pm
There's more..

Will he wear a T-shirt saying.. 'Have you worshipped me today'?

What exactly does 'Worship' consist of anyway? Is it just bowing at his feet and saying "I love you' over and over again continuously? Would it be running around and telling everyone how wondrous and glorious he is? If everyone is saved..then everyone already knows...so who are they going to tell? each other?

"He's Great" says one.... "And Wondrous too".. says another.. "Don't forget All-Powerful" pipes in a third... "All-Knowing, All Knowing" yells another... "Let us sing his praises" they say as they flap their wings and strum their harps.

Sheesh.... how much of that crap could anyone take????????

How about prayer? Would you still pray for things? Would yo do it silently or ask him directly? If he didn't grant your prayer would you ask him why?

What about forgiveness? If there's no sinning anymore then what's to forgive?

Do they get to watch and hear the sinners fry/roast in hell?


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