Biology- the science of life or living matter in all its forms and phenomena.

Faith is not a science. If you were to look that, or creationism up in a dictionary the word science does not follow. There for it should not be taught in a science class.

however people argue, Darwin's theory of evalution is just that, a theory. But a theory in science, and a theory we use in everyday life are two much different things. Unlike Creasionism, and Itelligent Design, the theory of evalution has proof, and support. Where are the fossils of jesus's footprints? I can't find them, but i can however find the fossils of people, and they are not in the same layer as a dinosaur.

therefore, small minded town i live in, you can not get your way by having the option of teaching anything, but the theory of evalution. Until there is proof, and you can test God, this is not a science.

Good day(:

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Comment by BadHandshakers on May 23, 2011 at 8:46pm

I'm told that gravity is just a theory, as well. There are more than obvious distinctions to be made between scientific theories, and just mindless gobbling, non-evidential, unexaminable, nonsense. It's a sad attempt to deprive students knowledge based on a poor semantic play on word.


When I had my first lesson in evolution in biology class, 12 out of nearly 20 students had permission from home to be excused, and it was approved for them to leave class, and that got me interested all in itself to find more on the subject and why so many people objected it, and I went onto advanced bio. the next year.

Comment by Tasha Cain on May 23, 2011 at 10:57pm

Exactly. I love evolution related topics, and talk of the diversity of animals, and hypothesis of wheat the first living things were. People can not endure the harsh living enviroment in the early Earth, but we have fossils that say there was life. People can not endure the conditions an extemophile can. It's not possible.

Im a sophomore, so bio is an "elective science"  if you want Truth, with a capital T in science, it's not possible. Take a social studies class where religion is acceptable. not in a class room, full of eager learners, just to be all " well you're wrong! this is it!" it wastes time, and people who actually care and embrace its knolledge.


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