So you are probably wondering what the hell is an Atheist Cowboy.  Well let me try to explain.  I grew up loving the country.  I love country music, riding horses, rodeos, and just generally the old west.  I still love these things.  I find them entertaining and fun. What people might not understand is how hard it is to love these types of things and be an atheist.  The christians are like a locust at such events.  Every type of these events is always started with prayers for safety of the participants.  There are always cowboy churches.  You have probably seen the decals on trucks with the little girl and her horse kneeling before a cross.  Must people stereotype anyone involved with rodeo or the country as Christian Rednecks, rightly so in most cases.  Maybe I'm the only one that does not follow this stereotype.  I sure haven't found anyone else, yet.  I ask myself constantly if that lifestyle is compatible with mine.  I always wonder how many "real" cowboys in the old west were actually 'christians'.  Anyway, that is my introduction to this community.  I know I am not alone in my atheism but it would be nice to know if I'm the only one as described above.

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Comment by Mike Hickman on December 4, 2016 at 6:35pm

You are not alone in this.  And I know how you feel.

Comment by TJ on December 5, 2016 at 1:06pm

There are probably plenty, but, like you, they probably try to blend in and not let on.

The more a group relies on homogeneity as part of its identity, the less well they tolerate deviations from that blueprint.

Its simply human nature to want to be accepted as part of a group, and, many tend to rationalize or convince themselves that they ARE just like the others.

Some are more honest with themselves...and, at least to themselves, admit they are different.

Its a LOT harder to admit to the GROUP that they are different though, as they DO risk being ostracized.

Being true to yourself vs being true to your companions is not the same thing, and the later is much harder and much riskier.

You have to weight the cost/benefit outcomes before taking action.

It might not be worth it to rock the boat, or, it might, depending on you, and your specific needs/situation.

For now at least, be comforted by the fact that a percentage of fellow silent atheists in cowboy hats are among those you know, but not know yet well enough to share.


Comment by Davis Goodman on December 5, 2016 at 2:20pm

And yet the same struggles apply to short and scrawny firefighters, gay football players, female engineers face similar problems

The firestation, football changing room and engineering labs have far more conservative vestiges than say primary education, paramedics, volley ball etc and in the United States prayer and religious tropes still remain...yet being a firefighter has nothing to do with religion nor does playing football have anything to do with who you fantasise about nor does being an engineer have anything to do with which private parts you have and in Europe...the religious aspect of these fields have virtually withered away and the softening of what is an extreme idealising of masculinity and the welcoming of others into the fold continues. From the stereotypes that I remember about cowboy like you have the tropes about individualsim, autonomy, respect, working with others, strength, personal responsibility etc. Seems being different from the others yet still sticking to your guns makes one live up to the tropes of being a 

Comment by Gregg RThomas on December 5, 2016 at 9:11pm

Get this printed on the back of your jacket




to be a




Wear it where ever Christians

pretend to be Real Men.


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