I remember telling a Christian about my disbelief in a god or ANY higher power. We used different philosophical scenarios to strengthen our own points of views during our debate/discussion. “Atheism vs. Christianity” debates are quite common in internet discussion forums, blogs and message boards. They are usually heated discussions and sometimes the name-calling begins. Once in a while a Christian will ask an atheist “What if you’re wrong?”

Well…I’m going to answer that question:
If I’m wrong…I’ll go to Hell as your doctrine prescribes.
If I’m wrong…The Rapture will happen and I’ll be left behind.
If I’m wrong…I’ll be forced to wear the “the mark of the Beast” etc.
If I’m wrong…my soul will be lost, etc.

But there’s another side of the “What If you’re wrong?” question:
If you’re wrong…you’ve wasted your life believing in an antiquated fairy tale.
If you’re wrong…people of your faith owe millions of relatives of the tortured, burned, stabbed, shot, ridiculed, persecuted and judged many apologies and reparations. Most of these folks were Jews, Muslims, Native Americans, African Americans, gays, atheists, witches, warlocks and other people killed out of just plain paranoia! Your religion has had periods of forced conversions.

As an atheist, I’ll take my chances on being wrong. It is my life.
If you’re wrong about Heaven, Hell, Jesus and an afterlife…you have wasted MANY lives.
Atheists don’t convert, Christians do.

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Comment by Johnny on January 20, 2009 at 12:28pm
Nice post Sophie. I haven't read all the back-log-blogs since joining; and after posting my own “What If You’re Wrong?” I noticed the link indicated there was also a previous post with that title.

I gotta say this has become one of my favorite questions to turn back on a believer after they ask it; too many of them are just not prepared for you to turn the tables on them.
Comment by James C on June 19, 2009 at 4:08pm
Awesome post.. I only thought about this in the sense that a believer wasted their OWN life.


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