What first made you become an Atheist?

I went to a place called the AOG (Assembly Of God) it was here that i thought i would give religion a try
however i had everyone coming up to me with this big hollywood type smile, old ladies hugging me young guys shaking my hand etc.

The preaching started and certain verses like you can be saved were spoken to which the pastor would look right at me when saying those certain types of verses, then the collection plate came around and people were flipping money in it all over the place, and just before i knew it the pastor was calling people up to the front of the assembly, this is where he started touching their forehead and screaming you will feel the power of jesus and they started dropping like flies and spazzing like a bunch of heroin addicts which just shot up a bit too much gear!

I was thinking to myself wtf am i doing in this place, but i thought fuck it! lets give it a go, so i went up and he touched my head and goes feel the power of jesus, but i started to feel different in the way that my survival instincts were kicking in telling me to get out of there, then he said it a second time and goes you will feel the power of jesus and he shoved me a bit harder and then he had this weird look on his face and goes the power of christ is in you and shoved me so hard i almost fell over, i then turned around and walked out.
This christian nutter guy came running out after me going whats wrong, i turned and said...your all fucking nuts, you belong in a mental institution, i then found out about Atheism and have never looked back, free thinking is great!

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Comment by Terri~ on June 1, 2009 at 12:45am
I was raised in an AOG church too! I HATED it! My parents were always upset with me cuz I wouldn't "speak in tongues". I always thought that was so ridiculous and phony, so I never did.
They would send me to bible camp and always wanted to know if I got filled with the holy spirit when I got home. I always said NO, and they would always be upset. They always wondered what was wrong with me.
Nothing was wrong with me, I just didn't believe all the bullshit.. and I still don't.
Free thinking is AWESOME!
Good for you! Glad you didn't fall into that cult like BS.


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