What did president Romney bring us?

This is a fictional little blurb, this is by no means based on reliable sources or insider information or should be taken for truth or opinion in any which way. It is only writing what sprouted from my imagination. (P.S. I tried 3x in another part of the forum but it kept failing)


Wednesday November 6th we woke up to a new president. We all saw him on TV the night before gloating as if he already won while we were trying to ignore that annoying smug face. The election wasn't over just yet and that the vote counting went trough the night. We woke up that morning with a shock. The final numbers undeniably showed that Romney came out the winner with the slightest of margins.

The battle over few votes deemed fraudulent would rage on for months. In most cases the judges would opt to just throw out the contested vote so as not to favor either candidate. Rumors of voter fraud were numerous but few could even be proven other then a few blatant fraud cases such as the vote changing machine that were blamed on overzealous third parties.

The citizens of New York State had voted surprisingly more in favor of the Republican Party in spite of the storm cleanup that caused many New Yorkers to be unable to vote at all. Romney would later on call the storm a gift from God that helped New Yorkers to open their eyes.

Half the nation riles in disbelieve at the victory of Romney. In the first weeks of his presidency protests spontaneously erupt across the more liberal states. In some cases skirmishes break out between the left and right. The right wing tea party causing most uproar by uttering dissent towards any and all protesters who question the election results.

As the weeks turn in to months many Americans start to despair, fearing, with good reason, the new president and the change he is bringing for them. What does a hedge fund manager do when he is dealing with a company or, in this case country, that is unprofitable? First the lowest paid employees get laid off. In this case the lowest income classes of America get to carry more and more of the tax burden while getting most benefits slashed or liquidated. Poverty strikes 47% of the people, including those who voted Republican. A hedge fund manager has no soul and selling out those who voted for him are collateral damage.

His popularity was not high to start but once his policies started to take the country in it's death grip people apologized not having voted for Obama. Big media corporations were doing a good job however keeping the popularity ratings off the screen and came with apologetic news casts as to how President Romney had to change course for the country to get the ever increasing deficit under control. We all had to shoulder part of the debt... but for a few.

Romney, business man first and foremost, sought salvation in selling off large pieces of government to the highest bidder. So much so that the country was starting to get carved up completely by mega corporations bloated by business dealings. Government couldn't run the country but corporations can! Finally large business has done what it sought to do so many years ago, take control of the American government making a few families very rich indeed.

Iran, trying to gage this new president by it's usual posturing, steps up pressure by undertakes renewed missile tests and threatens shipping in the Straight of Hormuz once more by actively illuminating possible targets with radar and trying to find holes in defenses by flying military planes close to it's borders. The CIA interpreted the bluster as a now nuclear capable Iran.

In secret talks Israel urges to strike as soon as possible. Romney, who seemingly is displeased by his low popularity rating in his own country, wishes to be a decisive and game changing president by a taking a high stake gamble. Iran is going to be his Cuba crises propelling him to ever lasting fame and glory. If it is Gods will then he will either win or he will trigger the much prophesied nuclear war. For Romney a win, win either way.

The future is unknowable and often sends us down very different paths then we ever imagined. Could we have imagined this? Romney turned out to be the fulcrum on which the Western nation was turned and was ushered in to it's ending. The Israeli preemptive strike against Iran failed and Romney became the first president since World War II, to issue limited nuclear strikes. The world responded not in kind. Markets fell in unrecoverable recession forcing most Western nations to declare bankruptcy.

The Chinese, shaken but not defeated, by the great economic loss started making gains in the world filling the power vacuum left by the collapse of the United States. China, now rapidly rising as the dominant world power followed closely by India as an uneasy ally. The world underwent a massive change and soon after another arms race.

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Comment by Heather Spoonheim on November 6, 2012 at 9:15pm

I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

Comment by David Tucker on November 6, 2012 at 10:53pm

This is a neat read. Although quite biased in nature, it's entertaining. Thank you.

Comment by Lewal on November 7, 2012 at 12:25am


Comment by James Cox on November 7, 2012 at 12:45pm

So you are telling us that our vote prevented the death of billions? Sadly, there are still more billions willing to do crazy things, with hardly a thought.

Comment by Umbra on November 8, 2012 at 4:20pm

This is what happens when you give me an hour to be bored, mix in some tension in the air like presidential elections and there you go.

It is a common storyline, one that I've played with before and easy to build upon. I think I may have picked the idea up as a child when I saw a movie about a man who could see the future the moment he touched them. He happened to touch a presidential candidate in whose future he saw him press the button. My view biassed? Let's call it exaggerated. Yes, I'm not a fan of Romney but I doubt the man has that much low self esteem to be bothered by low popularity scores.

China and India are the growth markets that Canada now seems to be betting on since the US market has slowed down and perhaps going into recession. Romney allegedly said that he saw Russia still as the number one economic threat. I think that Russia will go to the background more and more and China takes over. Every new empire that stands up becomes more successful than the previous one.

Israel and the Middle East will always be at an uneasy peace with very little needed to ignite the potential powder keg. Iran will always posture and test the limits of each and every new leader. Should they obtain nuclear capabilities, would they accept mutual annihilation to become the first country to be martyr as a whole? Even the pope doesn't take chances with bullets in spite of his faith in God.

Corporations have tremendous power in the USA. Read up on Monsantos and their hold on the wheat market. You don't have to look far on Youtube to find horror stories about this corporation. I found that the 6 Walmart heirs hold more wealth than one third of all low income Americans combined. That kind of wealth is staggering and the possibilities of what you could potentially could do with that much wealth. Even if the number was inflated and the truth is closer to a quarter it still is stunning.


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