I made an offhand reply to an ignorant comment I came across on a science blog, and this is what it turned into. Read on, and shake your head in disbelief...

Tim Buck
Black holes are God's way of saying "I take it back". If we don't clean up our acts of war and greed, we're on the list.

Please keep your fairy tales out of my science.

Stop promoting censorship.

Please learn what the word means before you use it in public & demonstrate your ignorance.

Yeah, I know what it means that why I said, "Stop promoting censorship".

Sorry, if you think my comment was promoting censorship, you don't know what it means. Try again, this time with an education!

Here's the educated version. Stop promoting censorship.

*sigh* This is completely off topic, but I need to address blatant ignorance. Do you notice that the original comment is still there? Not censorship. Do you notice I didn't call for the site moderators to remove the comment? Again; not censorship. When a person criticizes a public comment for being stupid, that's not censorship either. I support your right to be ignorant in public, but that doesn't mean that I approve, or that I won't point out that it's stupid.

double *sigh*. I have to simply spell it out. You wanted this person keep his/her belief in God out of "your science", so stop promoting censorship.

You seem to be using the definition of "censorship" that Bachmann & Palin use. They like to make absurd statements in public, then cry censorship when people criticize them for being ignorant dumbfucks. If that's the company you like to keep, more power to you. It's not my job to change your mind, but you seem to be another willfully ignorant dumbfuck too.

It doesn't matter if you think it's absurd or not. It doesn't matter if you like Neocons or not. It doesn't matter if you believe in God or not. Trying to keep someone's thoughts out of "your science" or any other public forum is promoting censorship.

People here claim to be so open-minded and tolerant, but really they're just the same rude, closed-minded, arrogant personalities as neocons just on the other side of the political stick.

Show me where in any of my statements I did anything to suppress or censor the original "God" post. You can't because I didn't. I expressed disapproval, which, (this is the point, try to understand it) IS NOT CENSORSHIP. Your insistence that it is shows your own ignorance & obstinacy. It's sad that you are unable to understand simple concepts. It must be too much god on the brain. It does bad things.

It's frustrating & bewildering that ignorant people conflate criticism with censorship. I see this done in politics all the time, but this is the first I've seen a non-politician buy into that bullshit. Where else do people find this meme? Got any solutions?

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