According to the latest ITV documentary which is made in UK to discuss the very basic problem of ExMuslim Atheists Atheism is increasing in muslim world 

As i discussed before in my blog in Pakistan all Freethinkers believe that Islam has destroyed our cultural & moral values. It has increased hate among our society against other religion & beliefs. 

Its very hard to be a non believer in a society where kids are being taught to kill all the blasphemers.In this video they are demanding to hang Asia Bibi as well

who is an accused blasphemer & the courts are not ready to solve this case due to the pressure from religious groups. Every second week in Pakistan cases are being made under the black blasphemy law which has been made the part of our constitution. They think if somebody talks against Blasphemy law its also a blasphemy. 

I think its the time to discuss the hate preachers who are coming in west for spreading Islam. They must be stopped because they are spreading hate against other religions they are spreading hate against western culture & values. West should control this westophobia otherwise they will destroy this society as they destroyed my country with the blessing of non scientific Arab religion

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Comment by TJ on October 20, 2016 at 9:28am

You are correct, religion is a disease.

As with most diseases, it is especially virulent and deadly when it first appears, before immune systems develop resistance to it.

The most dangerous of these attack the immune system itself, to weaken the ability to DEVELOP the resistance in the first place.

So, to gain initial entry, the virus for example might mimic part of an organism's own parts, such as a protein needed for its metabolism , or replacing a prior moral value, etc.

It can then become incorporated into the fabric of the organism, woven into its very DNA.  It can then start generating protective measures, such as chemicals that interrupt the immune system's ability to find and weed out those parts, or to question a belief.

And so forth.

Historically, over time, immune systems that manage to still find and weed out the viruses are more successful, and, their population grows.

Generally, viruses that originally killed their hosts are gradually replaced by progressively less virulent and deadly strains, as the two parties evolve together.

For example, big cats in Africa can get a form of AIDS, called Feline AIDS.   It used to be deadly, but, now, its no worse than a cold for them.

What gives monkeys a cold sore kills humans, and, what gives humans a cold sore kills the same virus is at different stages of co-evolution in each.

Humans will, one day, most likely also find that AIDS is just another cold virus.

Religion, in more successful places, tends to be less virulent and deadly.  The problem is that this particular virus takes over the hosts, making them like zombies who do the virus's bidding.

This is why, initially, almost ALL religions start out so violent....and soften with time....thousands of years though, a very LONG time....but, still, historically, they do soften.

Comment by Jake LaFort on October 23, 2016 at 11:29pm

Tj, do you see the analogy as just that or as an actual model so that religion infects its host in same way a virus does?

Comment by Noon Alif on October 24, 2016 at 3:31pm

I think religion like islam needs few thousand years more to soften but as the muslims are increasing its getting more violent


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