We need atheist missionaries. Period.


It would be nice if we all lived in Never-Never Land where TV shows like Glee and Nova do all the work for us. A one-two punch of inclusiveness and scientific reasoning would shed light on all the theist strongholds in the US, and people would wake up and say "Gosh, I have been sooooo wrong supporting Intelligent Design and churches run by homophobes."


We don't live in that world.


Just as the US couldn't bomb North Vietnam into submission (or the Nazis blitzing the Brits into surrendering) air wars typically aren't enough. The ugly truth of the matter is that boots on the ground are needed to get the job done.


Why am I saying this?


I was just on The Friendly Atheist and read Kansas Could Become the First State Without an Abortion Clinic. The Christocrats in that state have created new regulations designed to close clinics that perform abortions. Currently there are only three such clinics in Kansas and one is about to close due to not meeting the new law. Insanity.


No amount of bombing Kansas with intelligent, thought provoking programming is going to bring them into the early 21st century. Atheists need missionaries on the ground to do the job. That means going into enemy territory and doing dirty work like talking to people face to face, organizing local pro-reason events, and protesting the idiocy.


If we allow these theocratic safe havens to exist, then not only will their residents suffer, but the theocrats will send their Christo-fascists (yes, I am running with the metaphor) out to cause trouble for the rest of us. They are serious and they want to win badly. Do we?


We need atheist missionaries.


And they need to go and deconvert the barbarians and turn them into atheists or at least less toxic theists.


This is Purgatory.


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Comment by Rob McLean on June 28, 2011 at 2:23am
True! How true. We need a blend of Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris & Arron Ra. This person could talk, write books that mean something, appear on radio and TV and solicit donations for the cause. the only thing is, they would have to pay tax, unless the effort is registered as a religion. It's not a religion but it is a mission.
Comment by Stephen Walski on June 28, 2011 at 2:34am

Missionaries while a cute idea will never do any good until the idea that religion and faith is a subject that is immune to criticism is engineered out of our society.


Its very difficult to proselytize to people who come from a position of knowing it all.


The only way it would work is if we used the same strongarm tactics of promising food, and education for people especially children of poor tribal areas for their devotion to atheism. Thats how the xians do it.


I would like to think my morals would prevent me from such evil behavior.

Comment by Joey Hunt on June 29, 2011 at 1:01am
I agree with Billy we need more organizations helping communites but more long the lines as coexist foundations where we respect each others beliefs where the main goal is to help all communites. As far as  Kansas not having abortion clinic, I think is not good move for the state, because it put women who want or need to have an abortion in a postion that could have really bad results. My view on abortion is that is the last resort to save the mother. We only live once and when were dead  we are not coming back.  


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