The purpose of this blog is only of the intention to lay the cards on the table so to speak in order to avoid any confusions or inconsistencies that may be assumed. 

Firstly I have always held the greatest deal of respect for the atheist community, especially for its opinions and stances on organised religion. I am still of the opinion that organised (or rather revolved religion) is corrupt to the core from its very foundations. Too long have such institutions crusaded their tyrannies against those who don't share their beliefs. Too long have they tried to fuse their beliefs and ethos into political policies. Too long have many members of such faiths promoted their sexist, homophobic, and oppressive viewpoints and not just voice these as opinions but irrationally act upon them. No matter what my opinions may change to as I grow older. I will never bow down before such organisations of depravity, oppression, sheer corruption and attack on human decency. 

As a humanist I believe in treating others as I wish to be treated. I believe that there is common good in most people and even in other species of the animal kingdom. I believe that believing in common good in humanity can influence bringing it about and if we all strive for this attitude humanity may very well one day become unified more than ever. 

With that said, I will now cut to the chase. I have re-embraced deism again (or converted if you prefer that term). Personally I like to think of it as simply a change of mind, an altering of opinion etc. Some people are a little confused to what deism (or a deist) is exactly, so I shall explain. 

Deists believe in a first cause, (or God of Nature as some of use like to call it). The God of Nature is believed to have been the first causing bridging about the formation of the cosmos. But the God of Nature is not believed by most deists to interfere with the universe. The God of nature is a creator and not a dominator. Unlike members of revelled religions (I say revealed religions to differentiate between deists, as most of us don't believe in a revealed God) we do not have a book of scripture, no house of worship. To us the world around us, the very idea of nature itself is the bases of our faith. It is a faith based on reason alone, along with some understanding of science. 

There are basically three types of deists today; 

Classical Deism - A personal God exists and has an intelligence and a will. God created the universe for a purpose. Although God does not intervene in the universe, God cares. Believe in an afterlife. This is classical English deism.

Modern Deism - An indifferent God exists and has an intelligence and a will. God does not care about the fate of the universe. Do not believe in an afterlife.

Post-Modern Deism - An impersonal God exists, that is basically just a force. God does not possess conscious intelligence or will. Do not believe in an afterlife.

Some of these sub categories of deism may seem like a contradiction in terms but please note that deism as a belief system evolves (which actually makes it a much more rational belief system compared to others). Personally I am more inclined to believe in modern deism. Classical deism seems too far fetched for me at this point, post-modern deism seems unlikely to me whereas modern deism just makes more sense to me. It makes more sense to me because philosophically speaking if the God I believe in does in fact exist, it stands to reason that such a being would require intelligence to design the systematic laws of nature that govern the universe in its very specific order. I do accept scientific explanations such as the big bang and evolution. I believe the big bang is what God used as the mechanism to get the ball rolling (I believe it to be God's start button if you will). And evolution I believe is the mechanism designed by God in order to code nature to grow, adapt and survive.

So that is what I believe in this very moment in time. I don't want anyone to feel angry or threatened by this. Just know that there are still a great many issues I agree with you on (since most of you are secular humanists). I just took a different path to you on this one issue. The really important concerts for us all, is the portion of allowing secularism flourish, continuing to promote separation of state and church (especially outside of the States where this is not the case). Most importantly, equality and human decency. At the end of the day we all want to be free people don't we?

Please note, that I will not be allowing comments on this blog, based on my experience of what happened the last time I embraced deism and shared this. I wasn't entirely sure if it was a good idea to share my current beliefs on Think Atheist at all, and possibly won't be discussing it much in the future. Also because I am still learning about my beliefs and discovering new ideas and so forth. Most importantly I'm not allowing comments because this is not being posted with the intent of debating, but just as a clarification of my thought and a record of honesty.  So for those of you who have taken the trouble to read this blog and found it somewhat interesting, I thank you for your time and appreciation. 

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