deep down you want it to be different

you want to wake up in the morning with the evidence of your

imaginary friend

right there, in your hand, for all the world to see---

let’s not beat around the bush,

because we both know

you want to take that evidence & run to the top of every hill & proclaim to all those who

doubted &


that yes,

it was all true & that he will be coming back soon,

just like he promised

(you want soooooo bad to rub our faces in it & subsequently watch us burn eternally in your “hell” for not going along with the rest of the sheep)

to kiss the heads of all the good little devotees who spent their whole lives

proselytizing in desperation,

waiting for a fictional character to come to life &

fulfill all the promises made in his name,

so that

everything will


make sense.


i have put the toll house squares in the oven

(not gonna waste too much time on your comfort) &

set the milk on the stove at low heat---

now, promise me,

when your world comes crashing down & he doesn’t show,

don’t put the shotgun barrel in your mouth &

blast yourself till’ sunday---


have some warm milk & cookies &

cry the night away,

for in the morning it will all be better

without him.

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Comment by Stephen Walski on August 23, 2011 at 2:58pm

This is about santa huh. Thats why the cookies  :)


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