Voting: What is the Solution to the Pollution?

Congress has an 18% approval rating. Talk is Republicans will retake the House and possibly the Senate or at least regaining a significant number of seats. These are the same Republicans who gave us tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans; two illegal wars; bail outs for corrupt corporations, etc. that led to trillions of dollars on the national deficit and a worldwide recession. Democrats promised change but continue the status quo.

A person I talked with said we have to vote. It's important to get out and vote. Why? If you vote you will be saying, in effect, that you are OK with the job our Congress is doing. Are you one of those 18% who believe everything is hunky dory? And if you are one of the 82% who be believe Congress sucks why would you give them a vote of confidence, so that they can say, see the American people are pleased with the job we're doing?

Isn't it time we refuse to vote, sending the message that we are not pleased with the crap they are giving us? But, of course, the American people will go lock-step to the polls and vote like lemmings against their own best interest and scratch their heads when the newly elected continue shoving out the same old shit.

And look at the nutty incumbents that many voters are supporting. Is there any damn hope, I ask in vain?

"According to Christine O'Donnell, God Himself wants her in the U.S. Senate so that millionaires can continue to get those juicy Bush Tax cuts. Or something. From The Hill:

Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell said God wouldn't release her from campaigning for Senate.

O'Donnell suggested that even as things looked the toughest for her in her bid to win the GOP nomination for Senate, her faith motivated her to continue.

"God continued to strengthen and empower us," O'Donnell said in an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network. "Because you see that if it weren't for faith, when all logic said it's time to quit, we pursued, we marched on, because we knew God was not releasing us to quit."

We've seen similar language used by these teabaggers that there is some sort of divine plan guiding them. Sharron Angle uses it, and said so on the same venue. And likely Sarah Palin will cite God when/if she decides to run for President."

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Comment by willailla on October 4, 2010 at 8:07pm
Yeah, Neal, if we don't vote Dem we'll get the nut cases. That's how irony is spelled. If we do vote we're telling a Congress with an 18% approval rating that we love the corruption and want more of it. One could vote independent, to let Congress know you're pissed, but they don't care if you or I are pissed as long as everyone else votes DemRepub--which they will. It's a game of musical chairs, This year the Dems are in. Next time the Repubs are in. It doesn't matter which.

But if you have a solution, I'm all ears, er . . . eyes.


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