Whatever we do, we’ll pay the price

In the depths of hell or in paradise

For the believer ,this life is just like a cage

For the unbeliever, it’s the ultimate stage

Little does he know about the awaiting reward

Which is full of luxuries, where no-one gets bored

You’ll enter the gate of paradise, if it’s in your fate

Your deeds and actions will determine by which gate

No worldly things will you ever miss

On entering the gate, you’ll be surrounded by bliss

Four rivers will be granted by the Divine

containing water and milk, honey and wine

People will live in mansions built high

Where they’ll live forever, no-one will die

It’s bricks will be made of silver and gold

The climate will be perfect, not hot and not cold

A hundred years it will take to circle a tree

Surrounded by loved ones for all eternity

There will be no calls of nature, no-one will sleep

There will be no worries, no one will weep

When people sweat, it will smell of musk

Allah swt will be praised from dawn till dusk

Everyone will be aged 30 or 33

And they’ll stay at that age for eternity

The inhabitants will be wearing a beautiful green gown

Sitting on thrones, wearing a crown

People will be happy, there’ll be no remorse

To visit others, they’ll have a flying horse

Men will have 2 houris as their wives

Who will remain with them for the rest of their lives

On Friday there will be a dinner for people of all races

And a bazaar where people can exchange their faces!

When walking along there’ll be many meetings

With prophets and angels, exchanging greetings

Such is the ecstasy that will then prevail

When Allah swt removes His veil

There will be no kings, there will be no peasants

And everyone will see the Divine Allah’s presence

There are 100 levels to paradise and we should pray

That Al Firdaus, the highest will be where we stay

Allah swt has showered us with His grace

And we have to be worthy to show our face

Whatever we do ,we’ll pay the price

In the depths of hell or in paradise

Author: Unknown

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Comment by Prazzie on September 12, 2009 at 9:33am
I prefer Kubla Khan.

"Everyone will be aged 30 or 33"

I'm guessing you haven't read 'Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven' by Mark Twain yet. It's available online for free. As is Kubla Khan.
Comment by Wesley on September 12, 2009 at 12:39pm
Comment by Prazzie on September 12, 2009 at 2:22pm
Thanks! Want to take bets on chances of Alyaa reading it?

I find the concept of 100 heavens expressed in this poem very distasteful. It is explicitly stated that there will be no kings and no peasants, but such a binary situation is, to me at least, preferable to Level Ones through to Level Hundreds.

What also boggles the mind is the statement that "No worldly things will you ever miss", followed by a description of all the worldy things you'll find in paradise. Mansions built out of silver and gold bricks? How gaudy.

How naive is the description of heaven as a place with no worries, where no one will weep, where people will be happy and there will be no remorse? Well, when you see that your mode of transport will be a flying horse, everything starts making sense. I'm guessing this was written by an 8 year old My Little Pony collector. Whose addiction to psychedelic drugs inspired her to write about the "bazaar where people can exchange their faces!"

The line "For the believer, this life is just like a cage" was remarkably telling. That one is my favourite.
Comment by Frink on September 12, 2009 at 6:12pm
Awesome--so will Muslims rape women in heaven like they do on earth? http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/2009/06/leftwing-dutch-journalist-yes-taliban.html

Fuck your religion.
Comment by Doug Reardon on September 12, 2009 at 7:33pm


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