This past month I went to First Monday (huge trade day thing in Canton) and this was my first time to go. There was crosses in pretty much every booth/shop. Some specialized in just that and verses. Every one of those made me shudder or roll my eyes. To me that cross represents a hell of a lot of bad things. I just recently opened my eyes and accepted my atheism with open arms, and now I really resent and am angry at religion. My question is, why do people wear those crosses? I get that it's the symbol for christianity but I think people are just wearing it out of fashion now. I did because it made my parents happy and it was a fashion thing. You see all these intricate and jeweled crosses everywhere, but it's a torture device. Back then, I saw the point, but now, I just don't get it. I don't see the point in putting up things that people were brutally tortured and slowly died all around your house. It's just not welcoming. Inspiring verses, sure! Cross with a bloody guy hanging from it, not so much.

Also going along with my anger towards religion, I found my first communion book and rosary today while cleaning out my old room. I hesitated for just a second because I thought my mom would want me to keep it for memory sake. Then I remembered all the bad memories. All the times I kept quiet to keep everyone happy while I had questions that I was dying to know. I threw that damn thing in trash. This past year I've accepted atheism and shed an emotionally abusive (and very religious) boyfriend along with finding my lost voice and doing what makes me happy and not other people.

Not really sure where this is going, I just had scream out these thoughts for a bit.

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Comment by Mabel on May 17, 2012 at 12:32pm

Ha, yeah. I remember when my best friend called me up and announced out of the blue she had been saved (for real this time). We began to discuss religious belief systems and I told her I was dabbling in new age beliefs (at the time). She told me that was "of the devil". After 20 years of friendship, I never spoke to her again after that phone call.

Months later she sent me a religious Christmas card that she had signed with her name and the words Jesus loves you or something like that, I can't recall exactly. I ripped it up and threw it into the garbage.


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