Update on "What if I prayed": A boy died today.

Some days ago I posted a case of a pastor friend of mine who had his son very sick.


Well, Today December 24 my friend the pastor had to see his son be disconnected from the machine that kept him alive. After many week of anguish and of seeing that child fight between life and death, science could do nothing.


But what about God? If we had to believe in it, he was like a millionaire who sees his son asking him for help to cure his grandson. The millionaire has the capacity, but will just let that kid live for a couple of weeks, and then let him die.


Yet, my friend the pastor prays and asks for strength for him and for his wife. I won't be the asshole who asks "where is your God now?" actually I don't think there is someone so inhumane who says that. However, it's saddening to see such a good person suffering such a horrible pain and yet, thinking that there is a god who listens to him. If there is, he just didn't care. As usual.

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