Up From the Bottom of the Gene Pool,

Describing a unique living anthropology of people from all over the world that met online to discover we might have done the impossible.


What IF? the people in my anthropology really are living missing link?  Truth is stranger than fiction, this is for sure. (well, OK ignoring some of the bible stuff) .


Imagine, a group of people now 50ish or older ,mostly that grew up in special education, and today pass the Mensia IQ test, invent things and can explain and realte to Einstein and Di Vinci? among others, well we might be it. Our traceable roots go back to the 1600's with the story "The Boy from Alverez" a story of a ferarl child found in the woods of France. Everything about "Victor" was old working autism (yes that buzzword)  Old Working autism is nothing more than the long-hand version of human thoughts.  We indeed started out below 123 and the ABC's in an internal thought system based in your daydreams. Once we learn all of those internal thoughts ,daydream thoughts , we can then do the short cut thoughts, these are known as normal thoughts. Not only do they expose man's roots to his mind they add the next 1000 chapters to the psychology books. 


Our Anthrpology met on the Yahoo Group AC-GLBT -gay autistics and  200 of us all tell the same story ,had the same milestones and all came up from the bottom of the gene pool , by accident and pure luck. No matter what country we are from, or languages we speak, our internal basic autism thoughts (mans base thought) is the same.  We self taught our autism thoughts to our selves and we all ended up with some version of normal. We all the have the  same pain tolerance and keen senses. Thankfully none of us grew up in time to be diagnosed or we would be in group homes.  In fact younger GLBT members rarely 'know us' but a FEW know us very well and can explain their pain tolerance keen senses and picture thoughts to us, letting us know they really are old school autism. Please note OLD working autism is  different affair than the  contemporary version, Reinstitute the old strict autism DX standard and contemporary Autism would frail.   


 This BEGS the question? Why didn't science and peer review discover you? The short answer is our thought process has never been in a book before and normal thought is naturally shortcut thoughts so even the best scientific minds don't know the right questions to ask to start with. Experience is the only teacher in life and if you have not started at the bottom of the gene pool like we have you don't even have a clue of the foundation of the human mind. The human mind is not pretty or as great as we would like it to be but it can do if trained correctly things like the Computer (Alan Turing 1912-1954). Among our different thoughts is also a very unique body that has keen senses and a pain tolerance. Our thoughts by default are something like your daydreams. Our Optic nereve (guess) switches between  optical vision and the daydream stuff. Once we learn to seperate the two and think with the picutres and then learn to water them down to simple thoughts normal people can grasp our ideas and we do well. 


In fact Di Vinci, Einstein ,Turing, Tesla, and many others all share the same never in print before picture based thoughts. Know the picture thoughts and you will know where our thoughts and inventions come from.  


My Long term Blog is online at Http;//prerainmanautism.blog spot .com.  Please look it over to get a feel for a group of  people like me (200 at least) that have done the impossible.   thanks Rich PRE Rain Man Autism

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Comment by Stephen Walski on August 11, 2011 at 11:13pm

Now ive seen everything...


Einstein, Turing, Da vinci.. were all autistic cause you say so....


Fucking brilliant. I heard Hitler, PolPot, and Mussolini all thought in pictures too... 

Comment by rich shull on August 11, 2011 at 11:35pm

Everyone, indeed thininks in pictures,,, have you been going along in a conversation-stopped cold your OPTIC vision is turned OFF then you are forced to say "i can picture him", her ,it, but can't place the name or the place? You either come up with the answer or bluff it off. 


My Point is that picutre thought, is probably a default back to the cave person days thought process. If science could hook monitors too our brains (autisitc) and watch the picture thoughts form and condense to simple normal thoughts all the mystery to the mind would be solved. In this case you look at the picutre in  your mind's eye and figure out that is bill ,sue or whoever and then insert it to the conversation. That is our autism default thought process looking at the pictures all the time. Develop those pictures to their full extent,,,,, and you have the Einstein thing going. Learn to drive a car (like we did) and you get a final "education" in Optic and brain generated vision.      

Comment by Kelin420 on August 11, 2011 at 11:38pm


Mensa genius? Meet Spell check!


Comment by Stephen Walski on August 11, 2011 at 11:39pm

Your point is completely anecdotal, based on personal experience alone, and full of unsupported conclusion of a ridiculous nature and therefore bad science. Why on earth would you bring it here?

Comment by Heather Spoonheim on August 11, 2011 at 11:47pm

You may want to read one of Temple Grandin's books.  She has really opened up the understanding of autism and is considered one of the first people with autism to write a comprehensive autobiography of the way she experiences the world.

Comment by Skycomet the Fallen Angel on August 11, 2011 at 11:54pm

eh... what? Sorry... I don't understand what you're talking about. I caught "autism" but the rest went over my head. I too have autism and I don't understand much of what you're saying.

Comment by rich shull on August 12, 2011 at 8:24am

Yes indeed I know Temple Grandin, our anthropology BUILDS on her work. We add many more layers to her thinking in pictures and if she were able to follow us,,,, she could over come as the rest of us have. Once we learn all of her picutre thoughts and build on them we come up with the same normal thoughts you use.   THUS humans think in short cuts all the time and don't know it.


Those picture thoughts Temple uses are the same ones the Character Rain Man read the phone book with, They are the same ones Turing used to invent the computer with.  Again since most people think in shortcuts and don't know it they lost track (if they ever knew it) of their sub thoughts that make normal thoughts work. (the Autism Ones) 


For the Record I wrote a book built on Temple's book called  Autism  pre rain mam autism,, It was once loved in Autism circles, but it is now banished,,, all good books are banished. 


I understand the comments that I am full of something and I would say the say the same thing about my self if I never had the picture thought experience and came up from the bottom of the gene pool.  

Comment by rich shull on August 12, 2011 at 8:33am

This might well be the living missing link,,,,,, If all sides our state of being were known and our anthropology were studied our experience would be proveable and might well add the next 1000 chapters to the psychology books. Our picture thoughts if they are right, show how man does everything from from words to to talk to think.  Dyslexia,stuttering , even left handed ness and personality traits (good and bad) all have roots in  picture thoughts.


Of Course since we came up from the bottom of the gene pool , and we all did the impossible and we don't register as anything more than trouble  in  the peer review system were a lost cause. However, If our anthropology were studied we would gain a little creditability. (the Odds of that are pretty slim). As Einstein said if they knew what they were doing they would not call it research.   

Comment by rich shull on August 12, 2011 at 12:21pm

This is the very stuff, normal research will never discover as peer review by default keeps the ideas like this from ever getting explored to start with. It is also why man has never discovered the 'obvious' in hundreds of years of trying. Perhaps, there might be more to this tha one would think. Until our Anthropology is united and studied no one can say for sure if we are or are not that missing link. I suspect once and if we are discovered the boby of evidence will at least be  worthy of a look.  Sadly man has this idea of looking up to discover the answers , but in reality he needs to look down to discover the roots to his mind.

Comment by justin gold on August 12, 2011 at 3:49pm

There's definitely something missing.lol 


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