The way my brain is wired makes me what/who I am. I've taken some psychology tests that helped me realise that: "Oh.. I guess that IS the way I am", self awareness helped me mellow out some of the rough areas of my personality, but some things I cannot change.. but self knowledge can be a key to self improvement and self acceptance.
Anyway I am wondering if a personality test could be developed that could determine if one's brain is wired to believe in a deity. I saw an article from a reliable source some time ago about a church leader having personal difficulties in his position; feeling somehow unfit for his commitment. After psycho-analysis it was determined that he had not the capacity to be a believer in any deity...for whatever cause; he'd always just assumed he did- "we ALL believe in God, don't we?.. well, nevermind a few pagans and a few atheists, etc."
I feel my brain is not wired to believe so atheism came to me naturally after I finally stopped fearing my unbelief. An article in '' some time ago indicated that through the ages the 'god wiring' of the human brain evolved. (I can never seem to find an article I am looking for, but if you type in 'god' on the site's search you may find some interesting material) Perhaps now education and scientific progress is causing a subtle change.. 'unwiring' of the human brain's capacity to believe- among the general population. Could that be a cause for a rise in religious fundamentalism? ..People insecure in their belief and therefore willing and wanting to be brainwashed until they feel convinced that they believe.. yet deep down..yes..doubt; but that's that damn nasty ol' satan.. 'but just donate buckets of money and get the unsaved converted'; do all you can to ENSURE your salvation'. ..Wonder if some televangelists are really sociopathic atheist preditors.. ?

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Comment by Misty: Baytheist Living! on May 31, 2009 at 7:31am
I can second that. I was sent to church from a very young age and never, ever believed any of this crap even as a small child. All positive reinforcement told me to sit down, shut up and nod my head, but I couldn't help questioning and wondering out loud if people really thought that rape and murder and bigotry was really o.k.
"When god says it is" wasn't good enough for me.
Contradictions and the senseless of it all occurred to me at an age where children are supposed to want to fit in and please their elders. I did actually want to please my elders and fit in, but not enough to just buy it all like everyone else did. No matter how well behaved I was and how often I prayed and did good things, there was always this KNOWLEDGE that it was a bunch of crap. Eventually I had to make a choice to either close my eyes, pray really, really hard and then go out and do things to assure my salvation despite my doubt.....or throw my hands up in the air and go WTF?
I have (and usually do) pick the WTF option.
Comment by Rick Watts on June 1, 2009 at 3:46pm
Thanks for your comment, Misty: Mo's Pitbull. You grit your teeth and clench your fists and pray so hard that your whole body trembles.. but its like trying to talk to a brick wall.

Thanks Nelson, these books look like good reading.. I'll find 'em and read 'em.


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