when we who do not


use the name of this

fictional character

whom you base your own

life on

“in vain,” as you might

tell us after the fact,

we will not be



no matter how politely or


you present your need to

hear no dissenting opinion

within a 20 mile radius of

your little terrified town---

with no big bearded man in

the sky, no strong spirit who

parted the Yam Suph, no

flaxen-haired, blue-eyed,

Aryan savior who hung up

on a cross for the “sins” of

the world, there is simply

no reason to avoid the use

of any terms in one’s language

which might expel stress,

or which might convey a

meaning that could be dealt

with in a much more violent

manner, if you took away

said term & left said individual(s)

with nothing but a

gun & a dream.


so just be happy,

believers in the judeo-christian-fiction,

that you are living in a time

when there are still enough idiots around

who will make you feel comfortable

when you leave the work environment

or when you leave the public sphere

where everyone may not dwell in the


that you still insist on perpetuating,

for its days are numbered,

this godfuckingdamned


that our species developed

when we thought demons came out of

our fucking mouths when we sneezed


we were scared to go into the forest

for fear that a dragon would come &

eat us…







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